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Best 32 inch You Will Find, March 29, 2013

I have been looking to upgrade from my 32inch Insignia 1080p tv of about 4 years, it was great but really does not come close to top tier brands like Samsung/Sony. This Samsung 32inch tv seriously BLOWS it out of the water and looks so crisp and beautiful in my room. It was exactly what a wanted: a 32inch, 1080p, true 120hertz(clear motion of 240), and LED. This tv really looks physically beautiful with how slim it is and its thin silver frame. With a variety of picture settings to play with that can be somewhat of a headache at times, I found several different calibration settings around the net and adjusted them a little more to my taste in Movie mode. The ability to set the 10-point white balance adjustment made a major difference. Now, even basic cable looks ‘almost’ HD, Crysis3 on my PS3 looked phenomenal with deep blacks and beautiful picture, Hulu/Netflix HD is very detailed, and Blue ray is just spectacular in every category.

Smart TV:I wasn’t really into the whole smart tv aspect since I run several of the same apps through my PS3 and I felt that labeling it as “smart” just allows Samsung to charge more to the customers.However, now that I have used it and gotten to browse many of its features, it works very well and makes for a seamless viewing experience being able to switch from cable->netflix->hulu with just a few buttons. Using the control to type and search for content is much better than I expected, though a keyboard/mouse would obviously be much better. It also has a very nice feature where if I ever want to rent or buy a movie, I just pull up the “Movie/TV Show” frame of the smarthub and a huge variety of content is waiting for me to be rented. The price is higher then redbox or other rental services, but you can’t beat the convenience of having all this in your tv.

So far I cannot think of any cons, except maybe that the base of the tv is a little funky looking and the price is a bit high for a 32 inch(the model below this was 60hertz and no smart hub for $480). Other than that, it’s true what they say in that you get what you pay for and this Samsung tv is exactly what I was looking for and exceeded my expectations, well worth the extra cash. I definitely recommend to everyone in the market looking for a smaller, yet powerful HD tv.

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