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better than ever!!!, April 12, 2013

i just purchased this unit about 2 day ago after having and lcd tv for the last 5 years. I’m a big tv and home theater enthusiast and i’ve been waiting for this years new plasma tvs since samsung made significant improvements.this tv is outstanding in all aspects. I’ve been doing a lot of research and side by side comparison between led and plasma before buying a new tv and this plasma definitely kicks butt!. Why get an led?? plasma is even cheaper!!!

aesthetics- this tv is gorgeous, slimmer bezel, all metal with brushed aluminum makes this tv very unique and elegant, all other brands just look alike and the sony and panasonic gorilla glass is pretty redundant, not that attractive, and looks cheap. Solid construction all around compared to the cheap plastics that shows glue on edges of leds. Narrow profile.

performance- this plasma performs very well, big improvement over last year’s e8000 series, quad core makes performance very fast accurate and smooth compared to panasonic’s dual core.

picture quality- holly smokes!!! obviously plasma over led hands down!!!! richer colors, natural skin tones and deep blacks, not purples like leds. this plasma has a ton of brightness. i have mine set at 60% and contrast at 60% making this tv as bright as led. i have not gotten the chance to test the 3d yet!! but the picture is unreal. Plasmas are better than ever!!

CONS: -slight buzzing which i understand is normal on all plasma tvs especially when displaying bright screen colors but it’s not overwhelming. you must have the tv in mute and get really close to either top corners of the tv in order to hear it. But once you have a little volume then you won’t hear it at all.

-i wish samsung made the camera adjustable instead of a straight forward setting. not everyone will have the tv at the same height!!!

For those of you who are experiencing louder than normal buzzing and can hear it beyond a couple of feet try putting some light pressure on and off in the back panel, top left or right corner and hear the difference. if the loud buzzing resides to normal then the screws that hold the circuit boards by the power supply are not tight enough. you can make that adjustment at your own risk!!! or you can call a tech to do it for you. other than that i HIGHLY recommend this tv to anyone.

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