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Apple iPod touch 8 GB 3rd Generation OLD MODEL

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Apple iPod touch 8 GB 3rd Generation OLD MODEL

Apple iPod contact 8 GB (3rd Generation) OLD MODEL

Apple iPod contact 8 GB (3rd Generation) OLD MODEL

  • IMPORTANT: To intend started using your iPod, calculate your contestant using the USB telegram for at small 2 hours
  • 8 GB power for 1,750 songs, 10,000 photos, or 10 hours of video
  • This 8 GB iPod contact includes accepted Apple earphones; it does not become with earphones with mike and is not harmonious with Voice Control
  • Up to 30 hours of penalization playback or 6 hours of recording playback when full charged
  • 3.5-inch widescreen Multi-Touch pass with 480 x 320 element resolution
  • Supports AAC, Protected AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible, Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV frequence formats; H.264 and MPEG-4 recording formats; JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF
  • One-year restricted warranty with azygos incident of gratis ring theoretical support

iPod contact is a enthusiastic iPod, a enthusiastic incurvature computer, and a enthusiastic takeout mettlesome player. Listen to a intermixture of songs automatically place unitedly by the newborn Genius Mixes feature. Watch a movie. Surf the web. Download innumerous apps. (Click here to move downbound the tender and see every most apps.) View flush HTML email. Find your positioning and intend directions with Google Maps. Discover games and apps you’re trusty to fuck with newborn Genius recommendations for apps. And since iPod contact today comes with the stylish 3.1 code already installed, you crapper move using fun, favourable features correct discover of the box. View an mutual demonstrate on the iPod contact (opens a newborn window).iPod contact is a enthusiastic iPod, a enthusiastic incurvature computer, and a enthusiastic takeout mettlesome player. Li

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  1. C. Franz

    November 21, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    988 of 1,059 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Just Shy Of Perfection, September 15, 2009
    C. Franz (Zurich, ZH Switzerland) –

    This review could be summerd up in a short sentence: You are looking at the current killer appliance for personal entertainment. But I never, ever, do short reviews… So here’s the long story. Grab a cup of coffee, as this review answers questions you never knew existed.

    I have to admit that there have been few items that have captured and kept my enthusiasm for as long as the iPod Touch. Two years ago, I purchased the original Touch, last year I upgraded to the 32 GB, and now I have the 64GB version. Was the upgrade worth it? And what are the things yet to be imroved? Because even though the Touch is close to perfection, there are still many small things that can be improved.

    Physically, the new (64GB) Touch is identical to it’s 2nd generation brethren. It’s polished crome backplate is slightly curved, making it fit your palm perfectly. As before, the fact that it’s made from polished chrome will guarantee that it attracts fingerprints and scratches almost magically. I’m no friend of any kind of protective covers, and my last (32GB) Touch had to live in my pocket with my keys, coins, and other stuff I threw in with it. After a year, the backplate did pick up a lot of scratches, and I expect that the 64GB to fare no better. Personally, I would have preferred a brushed finish for the backplate. This may have caused problems with the readability of the customized engraving that Apple applies to the Touch on the backplate for no additional charge (a nice ‘touch’ that becomes increasingly important as the Touch becomes more ubiquitious). This custom engraving you can only get if you order the Touch through Apple (it’s also not available in the Apple Stores).

    The front plate is made from one of the most impressive glass enhancements I’ve ever seen. After a year of heavy abuse, my old Touch’s glass front has not a single scratch – not one. I don’t know how Apple does it, but this is really impressive. Remember, I don’t use any protective covers or films. The screen itself is brilliant, bright, and can easily be read outside, wich is a feat in itself. The Touch has an ambient light sensor, so it can dim the screen when the surroundings are darker.
    This time around, the screen’s color temperature has remained unchanged (the 2G shifted all colors from a blueish to a more golden tinge). Movie playback is simply astonishing. The image is crisp, and the on-screen controls natural. Again, there are niceties such as double-tapping the screen to change aspect ratio, or placing bookmarks etc. You still can’t set a movie’s contrast, but beyond that small issue, movie playback is perfect. Viewing movies on the Touch simply works great, but personally I think that the screen is too small to watch a full movie. Last week, I tried watching a TV episode while on a plane enroute to Hamburg (a 75 minute flight), but quickly decided against it, opting instead to play a game of ‘Luxor’. Somehow I prefer a larger screen for consuming video, while I have no problems doing something interactive on it. Still, video plays great on the Touch.

    Button and interface lay-out has remained the same from the last generation: volume controls on the left side, top holds the ‘exit/on’ button, buttom has dock and phones connectors, and the front holds the single home button. There is one thing that can be improved here: I would have preferred the audio connector to be on top (or either side), as the current configuration precludes the use of many applications (e.g. News- and eBook readers) when you want to place it upright — for example in the Gym. Some apps do use the accelerometers and can be used positioning the Touch upside down, though.

    The built-in speaker is unchanged from the last version. It’s weak, tinny, mono, produces horrible sound, has no volume to speak of — and yet it’s one of the best additions to the Touch (the original didn’t have it, the 2nd gen did). It simply makes casual gaming so much more fun. I don’t care about the bad sound quality, I just love the fact that it’s there.

    The signatory white earphones that Apple sells with the Touch may look good, but I don’t like them. In my ears they are too uncomfortable. Since I’m no audiophile, I can’t comment on their audio quality other than that it’s good enough for me. Anyway, I replaced them with my favorite non-Apple version. The hitch here is that Apple now delivers the 64 GB (and 32 GB) with earphones that sport a built-in mic and remote. And my head phones don’t have that. While the remote is nothing much to write home about (the way it works is just too complex), the mic works well, and has just the right fidelity to pick out voice over the background noise. So, for now, I keep the white buds with me in case I want to use the IP-telephony capabilities.

    Battery life appears to have been reduced somewhat from the 2nd gen – at least on paper. During the past few days the new 3rd…

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  2. Alex Honda "onyx575"

    November 21, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    883 of 906 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    So Much **MORE** Than Just An MP3 Player!, September 29, 2009
    Alex Honda “onyx575” (Los Angeles, CA USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This is my first iPod and MP3 player. So far I’ve had the iPOD TOUCH (32-GIG/3RD GEN) for two-weeks and I’m loving it.

    It’s does so much more than just play music, which is why I wanted one. I’m not a Mac person at all but the iPod Touch…I love it.

    Out of the box it found my Wi-Fi connection and had me surfing the net (the real Internet and not the cell phone web pages like the one on my Verizon phone). It was intuitive to use and I’m finally getting accustomed to using the touch screen to scroll and type away.

    This review is mostly for other iPod newbies like myself. Here’s what it comes with:

    ***The iPod Touch- slick and smooth and very thin

    ***A USB Cable- this hooks your iPod to your computer to recharge the battery and to sync it with iTunes.

    ***Plastic Docking Thing- this is a small plastic part that allows you to dock the iPod to an external device (I’m not sure what).

    ***Head Phones with Microphone and external volume control.

    ***Teeny-tiny insert- with bare-bones info. You have to access the full manual, which is available for free download in PDF format, at the apple website.

    My advice is to buy an external cover for the iPod–the 2nd Generation iPod Touch skins/cover fit the new 3rd Generation ones because the body is the same–and buy a screen protector so you keep the screen free from scratches and such. I already scratched the shiny back of my iPod just by placing it down on the table so be careful when you first get it if you don’t have a cover for it.

    As long as you have Wi-Fi (wireless Internet connection) in your house/apt you can get full use out of the iPod Touch. You can also access free Wi-Fi hotspots in stores, restaurants, and other areas, so you can get on the Internet and download applications (apps) etc., check your email, go on facebook, youtube, even Amazon has an app, that can be downloaded onto the iPod.

    The iPod Touch is configured to automatically search for Wi-Fi networks, it looks for both either locked (need a password) or unlocked (no password) networks, and displays them in the settings for “Wi-Fi.” You really don’t have to know anything about Wi-Fi to get it started. You just pick one of them and it connects to it.

    I’ve tried my iPod at some hotspots like a shopping center with a Starbucks and it found the Wi-Fi and connected but since a lot of people were using it, it took a while to connect.

    You need the program iTunes, which is a free down-loadable program for Windows or Mac, and an iTunes account to purchase and download the apps (most are free but you still need an account to download them). If you’ve used iTunes before for buying song downloads or just to register then you already have a login account…if you haven’t used iTunes before it’s free to download and easy to install. Then you sign up for an account which is also free, unless you plan on purchasing songs or videos.

    The pluses on the iPod Touch:

    ===== Applications (Apps) =====
    The apps are a plenty on the iPod Touch and there’s an app for everything (practically). They’re arranged by category like games, news, productivity, etc., and are furthered displayed by best selling, top-free, and release date. You can also search by keyword or check out the most popular and featured apps.

    Some apps are free and some cost a one time fee of between $.99-$4.99 and up. If you’re a news junkie like me, you’ll really love it. I’ve downloaded Time Magazine, NPR (radio and print stories), BBC READER, New York Times, USA Today, AP (Associated Press) and ABC News…all for free!

    I really like that the BBC Reader will download their stories into the cache memory, once you connect via Wi-Fi so you can read the articles offline (when Wi-Fi is not available). NYT and AP will allow you to save articles that you can read offline as well. And the AP will deliver breaking news as long as you’re connected… ALL FREE!!!

    I’ve downloaded a dictionary, spell checker, facebook, Grimm’s Fairytales and Alice In Wonderland books to read…all for FREE! I also got this free app called “Pandora” which is a radio station that will only play songs by artists that you want to hear. Too cool!

    I know that I sound like a broken record with the “free” stuff but being a Verizon Wireless user, I’m sure other VZW customers feel me, I’m amazed that one can download and install quality, portable applications onto a device for no charge or subscription plan.

    ===== Other Fun Stuff =====

    Calendar for appointments etc., contact phone book, clock, weather, calculator (you can download a free tip-calculator), notes and maps. These all come with the iPod Touch.

    iTunes will keep the stuff (music, apps, videos) on your iPod, backed-up on your computer so you’ll always have a copy of those things. And you can…

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  3. Hassan B. Bn Hadhram

    November 21, 2012 at 11:37 am

    4,437 of 4,557 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    WARNNING for new 8GB 3G owners and ipod touch 3G Review, September 11, 2009
    Hassan B. Bn Hadhram

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Apple iPod touch 8 GB (3rd Generation) OLD MODEL (Electronics)

    Before i start let me just tell you “what’s New” with the iPod touch Third generation” :

    -Faster Cpu/Double the ram/Better graphic (faster Boot time/faster loading is all what i did notice)
    -Double the storage for the same old price
    -Voice control (I’ll explain it in a second)
    -Latest firmware for free
    -New Earbuds with built in remote+Microphone (So you can use voice control)

    And that is everything~ depends on your needs upgrading from 2G to 3G might be not worth it.

    *Important Note* : only the New iPod touch 32GB/64GB are third generation ~ (8GB is repacked 2G) Details below.

    About the new Voice control function, if you love to take your iPod with you to the Gym the new feature “Voice control” is pretty cool, it does allow you to control your music via your voice, no need to get the iPod out of your pocket you can simply say “Next” to move to next song, say “shuffle” for shuffle , say “Pause” and music playback will stop etc, that is why i recommend the iPod touch over iPod classic for gym users, my friend bought an iPod classic and now he complains that the iPod classic is too heavy for him when he goes to the gym and he will have to buy another iPod “properly Nano” for his Gym, for me i use my iPod touch for the gym, it’s so light that sometimes i forgot that it’s even in my pocket.

    After playing with my iPod touch 3g for a while i honestly did not notice any difference from the outside or the inside compared to my old iPod touch Second generation (It’s supposed to be faster but i did not notice anything during music and video playback or the menus, however browsing with safari and loading facebook was faster, same thing with boot time), you properly can only notice it being faster with heavy applications since video/music playback is already fast enough with 2G.

    I got the 64GB iPod 3G for […]$, if you think of upgrading your 2G iPod touch honestly do yourself a favor and save yourself the money unless you really need that much of a storage (I do that is why i bought one), also remember that the 3G battery lasts less than 2G,(3G battery = 30 Hours of music playback versus 2G 36 hours of music playback according to apple official specs)

    *VERY IMPORTANT* for the people who wants the new 8GB version, the new third generation 8GB iPod touch is NOT 3G it’s a second generation iPod touch but apple did repack it/renamed it to 3rd generation, which seems to be misleading by APPLE and it’s not cool at all, it is IPod Touch 2G+Updated firmware and that is it.

    The iPod touch 3rd generation 32GB/64GB versions comes with a free mic+remote with the earbuds while the 8GB do not (it comes with normal earbuds), the 32GB/64GB have the New CPU+Graphic (According to apple the new cpu is twice as fast just like the iPhone 3GS) while the new 8GB use the same old CPU/Chip from the old iPod touch second generation.

    Here is APPLE description on the iPod touches page about the 32/64GB versions : “””Enjoy all the great features of the 8GB model along with better performance, richer graphics and voice control”””

    The iPod touch 3rd generation is the same awesome iPod touch second generation was.
    You can play your music/watch your videos/play games, even read your kindle books/etc “you can read amazon big description of what it’s capable of if you do not know yet, it’s better than what would i say because it has pictures and everything.

    The iPod touch got the best browser i have ever seen in a portable device, i do not even need to carry my netbook with me anymore thanks to my iPod touch, if you hated browsing with lame browsers that crash a lot or slow (many mobile phones) trust me on this one, the iPod touch browser is not a toy or a gimmick it is a browser you can depends on, it’s super fast and smooth and after using it for like a full year it has only crashed on me once!

    Short list of pros and cons about the iPod touch

    -Slick,small and light device
    -Great touch screen
    -The BEST web browser on a portable device
    -Amazing video/music playback
    -App Store (Too many cool applications for Free)
    -Display screen is clear and bright
    -No bugs and annoying stuff a very reliable hardware
    -64GB Flash based mp3 player

    -Not much of an upgrade over 2G (people were disappointed because they did not get upgrades like camera/OLED/etc)
    -Weaker battery, only lasts 30 hours for music playback versus 2G iPod touch 36 Hours music playback
    -Expensive for the 64GB version
    -Still no FM radio without the use of online applications
    -Bluetooth is still half locked

    Update : one more reason to avoid the 8GB ipod touch, Apple announced today “April 09 2010” that iPhone 4.0 OS will be released this summer and it will bring many new features to the iphone and ipod touch, however some features like…

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