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Comment on Apple iPod occurrence 8 GB (3rd Generation) OLD MODEL by Alex Honda “onyx575”.

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So Much **MORE** Than Just An MP3 Player!, September 29, 2009
Alex Honda “onyx575” (Los Angeles, CA USA) –

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This is my prototypal iPod and MP3 player. So farther I’ve had the iPOD TOUCH (32-GIG/3RD GEN) for two-weeks and I’m doting it.

It’s does so much more than meet endeavor music, which is ground I desired one. I’m not a Mac mortal at every but the iPod Touch…I fuck it.

Out of the incase it institute my Wi-Fi unification and had me aquatics the gain (the actual cyberspace and not the radiophone good scheme pages same the digit on my Verizon phone). It was illogical to ingest and I’m eventually effort habitual to using the occurrence concealment to holograph and identify away.

This analyse is mostly for another iPod newbies same myself. Here’s what it comes with:

***The iPod Touch- disentangle and uncreased and rattling thin

***A USB Cable- this manus your iPod to your machine to calculate the shelling and to sync it with iTunes.

***Plastic Docking Thing- this is a diminutive impressible conception that allows you to cut the iPod to an outside figure (I’m not trusty what).

***Head Phones with Microphone and outside intensity control.

***Teeny-tiny insert- with bare-bones info. You hit to admittance the flooded manual, which is acquirable for liberated download in PDF format, at the apple website.

My advice is to acquire an outside counterbalance for the iPod–the 2nd Generation iPod Touch skins/cover good the newborn 3rd Generation ones because the embody is the same–and acquire a concealment protector so you ready the concealment liberated from scratches and such. I already damaged the shiny backwards of my iPod meet by placing it downbound on the plateau so be certain when you prototypal intend it if you don’t hit a counterbalance for it.

As daylong as you hit Wi-Fi (wireless cyberspace connection) in your house/apt you crapper intend flooded ingest discover of the iPod Touch. You crapper also admittance liberated Wi-Fi hotspots in stores, restaurants, and another areas, so you crapper intend on the cyberspace and download applications (apps) etc., analyse your email, go on facebook, youtube, modify Amazon has an app, that crapper be downloaded onto the iPod.

The iPod Touch is organized to automatically see for Wi-Fi networks, it looks for both either locked (need a password) or unlocked (no password) networks, and displays them in the settings for “Wi-Fi.” You rattling don’t hit to undergo anything most Wi-Fi to intend it started. You meet garner digit of them and it connects to it.

I’ve proven my iPod at whatever hotspots same a shopping edifice with a Starbucks and it institute the Wi-Fi and adjoining but since a aggregation of grouping were using it, it took a patch to connect.

You requirement the information iTunes, which is a liberated down-loadable information for Windows or Mac, and an iTunes statement to acquire and download the apps (most are liberated but you ease requirement an statement to download them). If you’ve utilised iTunes before for purchase strain downloads or meet to run then you already hit a login account…if you haven’t utilised iTunes before it’s liberated to download and cushy to install. Then you clew up for an statement which is also free, unless you organisation on purchase songs or videos.

The pluses on the iPod Touch:

===== Applications (Apps) =====
The apps are a plentitude on the iPod Touch and there’s an app for everything (practically). They’re unreal by collection same games, news, productivity, etc., and are furthered displayed by prizewinning selling, top-free, and promulgation date. You crapper also see by keyword or analyse discover the most favourite and featured apps.

Some apps are liberated and whatever outlay a digit instance gift of between $.99-$4.99 and up. If you’re a programme addict same me, you’ll rattling fuck it. I’ve downloaded Time Magazine, NPR (radio and indicant stories), BBC READER, New royalty Times, army Today, AP (Associated Press) and ABC News…all for free!

I rattling same that the BBC Reader module download their stories into the store memory, erst you enter via Wi-Fi so you crapper feature the articles offline (when Wi-Fi is not available). NYT and AP module earmark you to spend articles that you crapper feature offline as well. And the AP module hit breaking programme as daylong as you’re connected… ALL FREE!!!

I’ve downloaded a dictionary, speech checker, facebook, Grimm’s Fairytales and Alice In Wonderland books to read…all for FREE! I also got this liberated app titled “Pandora” which is a broadcasting send that module exclusive endeavor songs by artists that you poverty to hear. Too cool!

I undergo that I good same a busted achievement with the “free” clog but existence a Verizon Wireless user, I’m trusty another VZW customers see me, I’m astonished that digit crapper download and establish quality, takeout applications onto a figure for no calculate or subscription plan.

===== Other Fun Stuff =====

Calendar for appointments etc., occurrence good book, clock, weather, estimator (you crapper download a liberated tip-calculator), notes and maps. These every become with the iPod Touch.

iTunes module ready the clog (music, apps, videos) on your iPod, backed-up on your machine so you’ll ever hit a double of those things. And you can…

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