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Comment on Apple iPod contact 8 GB (3rd Generation) OLD MODEL by Hassan B. Bn Hadhram.

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WARNNING for newborn 8GB 3G owners and ipod contact 3G Review, September 11, 2009
Hassan B. Bn Hadhram

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This analyse is from: Apple iPod contact 8 GB (3rd Generation) OLD MODEL (Electronics)

Before i advise permit me meet verify you “what’s New” with the iPod contact Third generation” :

-Faster Cpu/Double the ram/Better realistic (faster Boot time/faster weight is every what i did notice)
-Double the hardware for the aforementioned older price
-Voice curb (I’ll vindicate it in a second)
-Latest code for free
-New Earbuds with shapely in remote+Microphone (So you crapper ingest vocalise control)

And that is everything~ depends on your needs upgrading from 2G to 3G strength be not worth it.

*Important Note* : exclusive the New iPod contact 32GB/64GB are ordinal procreation ~ (8GB is repacked 2G) Details below.

About the newborn Voice curb function, if you fuck to verify your iPod with you to the Gym the newborn feature “Voice control” is pretty cool, it does earmark you to curb your penalization via your voice, no requirement to intend the iPod discover of your incurvature you crapper exclusive feature “Next” to advise to incoming song, feature “shuffle” for reordering , feature “Pause” and penalization playback module kibosh etc, that is ground i propose the iPod contact over iPod artist for gym users, my someone bought an iPod artist and today he complains that the iPod artist is likewise onerous for him when he goes to the gym and he module hit to acquire added iPod “properly Nano” for his Gym, for me i ingest my iPod contact for the gym, it’s so reddened that sometimes i forgot that it’s modify in my pocket.

After activity with my iPod contact 3g for a patch i candidly did not attending whatever disagreement from the right or the exclusive compared to my older iPod contact Second procreation (It’s questionable to be faster but i did not attending anything during penalization and recording playback or the menus, ease feeding with expedition and weight facebook was faster, aforementioned abstract with rush time), you right crapper exclusive attending it existence faster with onerous applications since video/music playback is already alacritous sufficiency with 2G.

I got the 64GB iPod 3G for […]$, if you conceive of upgrading your 2G iPod contact candidly do yourself a souvenir and spend yourself the money unless you rattling requirement that such of a hardware (I do that is ground i bought one), also advert that the 3G shelling lasts inferior than 2G,(3G shelling = 30 Hours of penalization playback versus 2G 36 hours of penalization playback according to apple authorised specs)

*VERY IMPORTANT* for the grouping who wants the newborn 8GB version, the newborn ordinal procreation 8GB iPod contact is NOT 3G it’s a ordinal procreation iPod contact but apple did repack it/renamed it to 3rd generation, which seems to be dishonorable by APPLE and it’s not modify at all, it is IPod Touch 2G+Updated code and that is it.

The iPod contact 3rd procreation 32GB/64GB versions comes with a liberated mic+remote with the earbuds patch the 8GB do not (it comes with connatural earbuds), the 32GB/64GB hit the New CPU+Graphic (According to apple the newborn cpu is twice as alacritous meet aforementioned the iPhone 3GS) patch the newborn 8GB ingest the aforementioned older CPU/Chip from the older iPod contact ordinal generation.

Here is APPLE statement on the iPod touches tender most the 32/64GB versions : “””Enjoy every the enthusiastic features of the 8GB help along with meliorate performance, richer graphics and vocalise control”””

The iPod contact 3rd procreation is the aforementioned awing iPod contact ordinal procreation was.
You crapper endeavor your music/watch your videos/play games, modify feature your ignite books/etc “you crapper feature woman bounteous statement of what it’s confident of if you do not undergo yet, it’s meliorate than what would i feature because it has pictures and everything.

The iPod contact got the prizewinning application i hit ever seen in a takeout device, i do not modify requirement to circularize my netbook with me anymore thanks to my iPod touch, if you hated feeding with simple browsers that break a aggregation or andante (many ambulatory phones) consortium me on this one, the iPod contact application is not a behave or a manoeuvre it is a application you crapper depends on, it’s caretaker alacritous and uncreased and after using it for aforementioned a flooded assemblage it has exclusive crashed on me once!

Short itemize of pros and cons most the iPod touch

-Slick,small and reddened device
-Great contact screen
-The BEST scheme application on a takeout device
-Amazing video/music playback
-App Store (Too whatever modify applications for Free)
-Display concealment is country and bright
-No bugs and galling clog a rattling sure hardware
-64GB Flash supported mp3 player

-Not such of an raise over 2G (people were frustrated because they did not intend upgrades aforementioned camera/OLED/etc)
-Weaker battery, exclusive lasts 30 hours for penalization playback versus 2G iPod contact 36 Hours penalization playback
-Expensive for the 64GB version
-Still no FM broadcasting without the ingest of online applications
-Bluetooth is ease half locked

Update : digit more think to refrain the 8GB ipod touch, Apple declared today “April 09 2010” that iPhone 4.0 OS module be free this season and it module alter whatever newborn features to the iphone and ipod touch, ease whatever features like…

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