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FIFA Soccer 13 – Nintendo Wii U


FIFA Soccer 13 – Nintendo Wii U

FIFA Soccer 13 – Nintendo Wii U

FIFA Soccer 13 - Nintendo Wii U

  • Award-winning Gameplay: Enjoy the award-winning FIFA concern gameplay, optimized for Wii-U.
  • Lift and Look: See the mettlesome from the player’s on-field appearance and savor fictive newborn structure to verify liberated kicks and penalties.
  • Shake and Shoot: Enjoy rank curb of actuation – the most gratifying conception of the game.
  • Tap and Tackle: Take curb of a limited belligerent by tapping on the contestant using the contact screen, attractive every the surmisal impact discover of machine switching.
  • Complete Control: Full Team Management Control on the GamePad lets you modify formations, attain subs, alter contestant positions, modify every characteristic of a team’s tactics, and modify ordered Negro markers every without interrupting the game.

EA SPORTS delivers its prizewinning football mettlesome ever on a Nintendo housing with award-winning gameplay and subverter newborn structure to endeavor that alter players of every abilities together, making this the most reachable FIFA housing mettlesome ever made. Innovations that apply the Wii U GamePad place you on the movement and enclose you in the action. Lift and countenance finished the GamePad contact concealment to intend the ball on ordered pieces and penalisation kicks, then place the amend flex on your effort and permit it fly. Shake the GamePad to alter Touch Screen Shooting, removing the surroundings of ‘hit and hope’ and allowing for dapple accuracy. Plus, enter and interact with friends same no another FIFA title.

List Price: $ 29.99

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