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Carnival Games – Nintendo Wii


Carnival Games – Nintendo Wii

Carnival Games – Nintendo Wii

Carnival Games - Nintendo Wii

  • Over 20 assorted show games, every played with the Wii Remote
  • Test your skills with the Milk Can Toss, Lucky Cups and Clown Splash
  • All-time favorites are here, same the always-popular Dunk Tank
  • More than 250 prizes to win, from cyprinid to stuffed toys

Step correct up! All the recreation and fervour of your selection Carnival Games is reaching to Wii this summer. It’s the amend multi-player mettlesome for moms, dads and kids of every ages. Are you primed to demolition up the points in a mettlesome of artist Alley Ball? Got the hooligan to anulus the bell in Test of Strength? Been practicing your quality for the notable Milk Bottle Throw? Ready to intend dewy in the Dunk Tank? If yes, then tie the state as your Wii far transforms from a hammer to a Frenchwoman flinger. Master every the artist show games and the eventual accolade could be yours – the realistic cyprinid in a bag!Step correct up! All the recreation and fervour of your selection Carnival Games is reaching to Wii this summer. It?s the amend multi-player ga

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joey's Girl

    March 3, 2014 at 8:54 pm

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Tremendously Fun, August 31, 2007
    Joey’s Girl (Ohio) –

    = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Carnival Games – Nintendo Wii (Video Game)

    Carnival Games is the type of game that everyone should have for their Wii. It’s great for solo play, or multi-player fun, and never becomes boring, with more than 25 games to choose from. It’s extremely easy to “pick up and play” for all ages, and it’s good clean fun. The game really represents a carnival in every way possible, starting with the perfectly accurate games (and gameplay), the bright colors, the chatty emcee’s, the wandering carnival-goers who walk past you or play games beside you, and even the carnival music playing softly in the background. You can almost smell the cotton candy!
    What really makes this game shine is how well designed all the carnival games are. They work very well with the wii-mote, and rarely miss a beat.

    Here are some of the highlights of the 25+ games included on this disc:

    ALLEY BALL: This game is identical to a favorite game of many called “Skee-Ball”. It is definitely one of the best games on here. It feels extremely realistic, the way you use the wii-mote to kind of throw the ball (not swing back & roll like bowling, but rather kind of flinging it up on the ‘alley’ like you really do in skee-ball). It’s sharp and accurate, and hard to stop playing!

    SPILLED MILK: This one has you throwing a ball at a stack of 3 milk bottles. It somewhat lacks the realism of Alley Ball, but it still is quite fun. It has you hold your wii-mote as if it’s a ball, and you do an overhand throw to try to knock down the bottles. Fortunately it has a little marking on the screen to show where you will hit before you throw.

    BALLOON DARTS: One of my favorites. This game has a corkboard covered with balloons that you must throw darts at to pop. You hold your wii-mote as if it’s a dart (really!) and do a short, abrupt forward lunge with it as if you are throwing a dart. The accuracy on this game is amazing. I hit the small balloons every time! In fact, once you win this game a number of times, you will open a “super” version of this game that you can also play where it has a whole wall of balloons to pop in about 30 seconds.

    SHOOTING GALLERY: This is another favorite. A perfect representation of the duck shooting game we all love at carnivals. The little yellow ducks are scrolling by, and you have to use your wii-mote like a toy gun to shoot them (aiming for the target on their belly will net you even more points). The accuracy of this game is perfect.

    HOOPS: This game has a basketball hoop in front of you, and you need to use your wii-mote as if it’s a basketball, using an overhand throw to get the ball in the basket. What really amazes me on this game is how once you throw the ball, it shows you where it will land, and you have a chance to twist the wii-mote to make it more likely to go in the basket! You have to be quick though! But this increases the fun factor enormously since you have such great control over the ball.

    SHOOT FOR THE STARS: This game was never a favorite of mine in carnivals, and isnt here either but I wanted to at least mention it for those who like this popular game. You stand in front of a star target and have to rapid-fire 300 shots to shoot away the star. It’s perfectly accurate (can you hold steady enough for 300 shots?), and I usually end up with about 85% without trying too hard.

    HOLE IN ONE: I have not played this game yet, but the manual claims it is a miniature golf game that gives you 3 chances to putt the ball, but each time you do, the hole moves. Sounds fun though, as I love golf.

    RING TOSS: This is yet another favorite of mine. It has a large area of bottles arranged in a square, and you have to toss rings in hopes of landing one directly on a bottle. You hold your wii-mote kind of frisbee-style and fling your ring out towards the bottles. It is quite accurate and very fun. It looks and plays identical to the one you see at carnivals.

    DAY AT THE RACES: This is an odd take on horse racing. In order to get your horses to run, you have to roll balls into holes at the end of an alley (somewhat like skee-ball) as quickly as possible. The difference here is that there are just several holes on a flat surface, but they have different point values for different holes. The higher your points, the faster the horse goes. It’s quite fun though! And accurate too.

    COLLECTION PLATE: I wouldnt say this is a favorite of mine as I am no good at it but I believe with practice it will be a lot more fun for me. This game has a platform of several plates at different heights, and you have to toss coins to land on them. You hold your wii-mote as if it’s a coin, and kind of toss it outward. My problem is I use to much strength and the coin goes flying to who-knows-where. Those with more finesse would surely do better than me at this game! It’s cute and pretty accurate in my opinion.

    Those are the highlights of Carnival Games. The other titles…

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