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Wii Fit Master Exercise Kit

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Wii Fit Master Exercise Kit

Wii Fit Master Exercise Kit

Wii Fit Master Exercise Kit

  • Balance Board Step cups: Rubber unsmooth cups for unchangeability on some surfaces, Raises the equilibrise commission 4 inches from the ground
  • Exercise meter adapter: Detects the pace in miles/kilometers of your swings, Measures the calories forfeited during your exercise,
  • Xertube Resistance band: Elastic adornment comes with digit touchable straps and Stretchable and imperishable for ActiveTspecific workouts
  • Yoga mat: Soft, plastic, non-slip Mat, concern hold for the Wii Balance board
  • Water Bottle: Screw crowning and prefabricated of Eco-friendly useful material

Embark on a flourishing Wii Fit workout program with the Master Exercise Kit for Wii fit from CTA Digital. With this base still accessible clump you’ll be healthy to right ingest your Wii fit training games patch you meet in shape. The outfit contains the mass to move a newborn artefact of enjoying your Wii sound training games: Water Bottle Water bottles are a requisite in today’s shape craze. Not restricted to your Wii sound workouts, you crapper also ingest this liquid bottleful patch exertion at the gym or on a hearty period at the beach. Xertube Resistance adornment Unlike exemplary status bands, this Xertube status adornment is prefabricated of a strong, still pliant sunken foam material. This adornment augments the capableness of bicep curls, margin presses and another Wii sound speci

List Price: $ 29.99

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