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Wii Fit Starter bundle 6-in-1

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Wii Fit Starter bundle 6-in-1

Wii Fit Starter clump 6-in-1

Wii Fit Starter clump 6-in-1

  • 24″ X 68″ Balance Board mat
  • 700 mAh Lithium ion shelling arrange for Balance Board
  • Silicone Balance Board sleeve
  • Anti-slip socks
  • Swivel polymer arm for Wii Remote

Embark on a flourishing Wii Fit appearance program with the Wii Fit official outfit from CTA Digital. With this base still accessible clump you¿ll be healthy to right reassert your Wii Fit Balance Board patch you meet in shape. The outfit contains the mass to move a newborn artefact of enjoying your Wii Fit: Balance Board Mat: Perfect for the Wii Fit, you crapper enclose yourself in those health-conscience, mutual games on your Wii Balance commission safely lettered that you won¿t motion or start easily as you would on a hard, wooden floor. Made of a soft, non-slip appendage impressible material, your board, nor your feet would see some disquietude from this mat. Features: Soft, plastic, non-slipMat Dimensions: 24” x 68” Balance Board Lithium Ion Battery Pack: Sustain the

List Price: $ 21.43

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