New Super Luigi U

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New Super Luigi U

New Super Luigi U

  • Experience over 80 newborn courses as Luigi
  • Show soured your skills as you officer apiece hard course
  • Share triumphs with the accord via Miiverse (Broadband cyberspace admittance required for online features. For more info, go to

Luigi takes edifice initiate in his prototypal starring persona in a papers adventure! Show soured your skills as the green-hatted hero, rank with his stylemark broad jump, as you undergo over 80 newborn courses! This primary prepacked edition of New Super Luigi U celebrates the Year of Luigi and does not order New Super Mario Bros. U to play.

List Price: $ 29.99

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2 thoughts on “New Super Luigi U

  1. 18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    A Good Companion to New Super Mario U, October 25, 2013
    Bryan (NJ) –

    = Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: New Super Luigi U (Video Game)
    First, it must be said that you shouldn’t get this game unless you’ve played and enjoyed the main game, “New Super Mario Bros. U”. Super Luigi appears as downloadable content for that game, even though it’s a standalone title as well. The only advantage to getting it as a disc is if you need to save space or if you’d prefer to be able to resell it individually at a later time.

    The game is classic side-scrolling Mario style fun in the same vein as the original NES games, much like all New Super Mario games. To be more precise, they should be calling these “Retro Super Mario Bros.” because that’s exactly what they are.

    The Luigi game brings back nearly all of the levels of the Mario counterpart but remixes them into all-new designs that are made about half as long, but with slightly harder sections. It was actually cool to play both games back to back to see all the same familiar levels redone in completely new challenging ways. People who’ve played the first will be used to this enough to be able to do well, but the game may feel incredibly hard to those new to the series. As an expert gamer, in some ways I found this version easier simply because the levels were over so soon. Don’t let the short length scare you from buying this, though. There are still about 80 levels, 3 star coins to find per level, multiple paths within the levels, and plenty of replay in going back to find everything you missed. At the budget price it’s a pretty good value.

    The main drawback to the game is just the quick pace of play if you’re in the mood for something more laid back. This game is absolutely out to kill you at every turn. You need to be on your toes and ready for the most unexpected and occasionally frustrating deaths.

    Some people are complaining about the time limit of 90 seconds per level. I do understand this complaint, but in completing the game I only actually died to going over the time limit two times, and both those times were my first attempt at a level. The levels are very short and all can be completed well within 30 seconds. In all honesty, for the length of the levels the original game’s time limit was just as tight as this one’s in some cases. Those levels could be 2 or 3 times as long but certainly did not give you that much more time. I nearly died of a time over more than once in the original game. The real problem with the time limit, if any, is just that it’s indicative of the problem I mentioned above that the game has a crazy fast and unforgiving pace of play all-around. Some will love this, but if this sounds bad to you, consider a different game.

    I do think this game and its predecessor are great for kids, despite the challenge. It’s games like this which will really hone a child’s reaction time and ability to think on their feet. You really need to earn it if you’re going to complete this game.


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  2. 60 of 67 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great, if atypical, addition to Mario platformers, August 31, 2013
    Mike London “MAC” (Oxford, UK) –

    = Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: New Super Luigi U (Video Game)

    “New Super Luigi U” is downloadable content for “New Super Mario Bros. U”, staring Luigi rather than Mario. Two months after its first appearance in the Nintendo eShop, priced at $19.99, Nintendo has released the game as a retail boxed version at $29.99, ten dollars more. The DLC version requires you to have the “New Super Mario Bros. U” disk in the Wii U to play this extra content. Obviously, the boxed version can be played as a stand-alone title.

    Please note: Mario does not appear at all as a playable character. After beating the game, you can play as Luigi using the standard physics of his brother.

    To put it kindly, the Wii U has had a rough first year. The sales have simply not been there, and Nintendo is fighting tooth and nail to get the install base up for their new machine. One of the key factors has been lack of software titles. Nintendo skipped the full blown dog and pony show of E3, instead issuing a Nintendo Direct (an online presentation of the new software titles that the company was launching). In April 2013, we first learned about “New Super Luigi U”, a full blown game starring Luigi. To say we were surprised due to “New Super Mario Bros. U” had jut launched November 2012 is putting it lightly.

    However, this isn’t the whole story. “New Super Luigi U” straddles the fence between a “brand new game” and an extensive “downloadable content” addition to an already existing game. I personally believe we have gotten a retail version of “NSLU” for a two fold purpose: this DLC is long enough to merit a stand-alone release, and, much more importantly, acts as a stop-gap release in preparation for the all important Christmas season for the admittedly very slim library of Wii U games that have been available in its first year.

    While Nintendo has first issued DLC for the 3DS “New Super Mario Bros. 2” title, this content was largely confined to brief level packs. With “New Super Luigi U”, which has been available as a digital download since July, is completely unprecedented in Nintendo’s (admittedly very brief) history of DLC: far from being brief level editions, this game is a whole new compaign staring Luigi, perfectly in key for Nintendo’s Year of Luigi which is what they have dubbed 2013.

    For new purchasers, let’s define what this game is specifically.

    WHAT IT IS: A four player game, starring Luigi, two Toads, and Nabbit. Nabbit is invincible and impervious too any damage and cannot take power ups. The game features the exact same world map as “New Super Mario Bros U”; however, all the levels have been reworked and almost all of them start with only 99 seconds. Luigi’s physics have been reworked, making him floaty in terms of his jumping and very loose, slippy traction. Due to the time limit, you have to move quickly through the levels. While four players, the levels here are claustraphobic in nature with more than two players, because of how quickly you must beat them (especially for levels where ground is at a premium). While four player mode has been chaotic in the Wii and Wii U “New Super Mario Bros.” games, it is even more frustratingly difficult in “NSLU” due to short level times and the deeply increased challenge of the levels in comparison to the other two Mario games.

    WHAT IT IS NOT: a full-fledged, brand new game staring Luigi.. People are comparing this too “Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels” and the original “Super Mario Bros.”. This analogy simply does not hold water. While “The Lost Levels” was little more than a mission pack sequel to the original; this title does not feel or play like a true sequel to “New Super Mario Bros. U”, largely due to the brief running times of the levels (99 seconds) and the fact that, although the game has been released as a stand-alone title, this is first and foremost DLC (granted, very expansive DLC, the likes of which we have never seen from Nintendo). Also, given the identical world map, the game plays simply like a reimagined campaign mode for the first game. What also should be noted is this game, unlike “NSMBU”, contains no extra modes and features only the 82 levels of the world map as playable content.

    Likewise, the price point of this first party Wii U game (29.99 instead of the usual 50-60 dollar range) tells us “New Super Luigi U” is not on the same playing field as Nintendo’s other first-party titles. Mario games are famous for keeping their MRSP (or close too it) for years after their initial release, especially Mario titles. “Super Mario Galaxy” and “The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess” did not become noticeably cheaper until the red-cased “Nintendo Choice” games of 2011-2013, four to five years after the release of these games.

    Another thing to be noted is challenge. The game’s difficulty ramps up from the very beginning, and it is clear even in the opening levels that the developers are designing this content…

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