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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – Nintendo Wii U


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – Nintendo Wii U

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – Nintendo Wii U

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Nintendo Wii U

  • Features flooded online multiplayer, topical co-op, and the knowledge to advancement simultaneously between the Wii U and 3DS

The favourite vision state concern Monster Hunter is today digit of the most iconic recreation program in the concern commerce over 21 meg copies worldwide since the program began in 2004. Players verify on the persona of a ticker and are dispatched to explore a deciding within the Monster Hunter universe, completing quests on their travelling to essay and dispatch monsters whilst rising their skills and earning equipment upgrades. With some hard monsters and over 200 quests the stylish edition to the program is ordered to be the most cavernous substance to date. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate utilizes the functionalities of the Wii U housing to wage players with a genuinely illogical labour experience. The contact concealment feature of both platforms allows players to qu

List Price: $ 39.99

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  1. Robert D. Wahington

    November 11, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    23 of 24 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A diamond in an age of gaming ruled by paid DLC, May 10, 2014
    Robert D. Wahington

    I seen there is only one review of this (as of May 10,2014) and that compelled me to write this review. I will state that I indeed have a bias for Monster Hunter as it is probably my favorite franchise right now. Between Monster Hunter Unite, Monster Hunter Tri and this game I have over 1000 total hours played. Like the time flies while playing this game if you enjoy it (sometimes too fast lol)

    Monster Hunter: What it is in a nutshell
    Monster Hunter is an action RPG where you, a human, fight monsters or “waverns”. This monsters vary from waverns (dragons), brute waverns (Think of T-rex’s, tiny arms, long legs with big heads) and massive Elder Dragons (A literal sand whale can Jhen Moran) You slay these monsters. After they are slain you carve the monsters. After you carve the monsters you make your weapons and armor from them. For example you kill a fire monster you can 1.) Make fire resistant armor or 2.) Make a fire weapon.There are 12 weapon types which I will go over later. This franchise is NOT for the faint of heart. You will die…A LOT lol I’m not joking. I’m serious. This game is difficult especially for new players. This game is one of the easier games of the franchise and I have seen people die…a lot. Some people get mad and quit while others learn that you are at a disadvantage against the monsters you fight. There are time where you feel like the “prey.” Monsters have no health bar so the only time you know they are about to die is when they limp off. You will be fighting with the fear of the unknown. Is the monster one hit away from death or 20 hits? Also his is a “grinding” game. Majority of the time is spent on the grind to make your armor/weapons by killing a specific monster for rare carves. Typically “beat” this game once you kill the final Elder Dragon. So a quick run down of what this game is

    -Repetition or “Grinding”
    -Bosses have no health bar
    -No lock-on
    -Difficult as $***

    If you don’t like those qualities in a game then stop reading this review. You will likely hate hate HATE this game. Save yourself the trouble, money and bruised ego.

    What makes this game special:
    I’m not one for difficult games especially playing solo. Where this game stands out is it’s brilliant multiplayer. Hunting monsters is tough and luckily you don’t have to do it alone. This game allows up to four hunters to team up and take down your menacing foes. This IS what it’s all about. Co-op play. There is no local co-op but online co-op is the main selling point of this game. To me it’s why this game remains “fresh” even after all the time I spent playing it. True you are hunting the same monsters trying to get specific parts however no hunt is the same when playing with others. Even now after over 1000 hours in the franchise the hunts feel “new” to me. I know the monster and it’s attacks but I let my guard down and I will die. This game serves many a slice of humble pie. Even with “end game armor” you make enough mistakes and you will still die. Did I mention death enough? lol This game is ALL about skill. Those who are unskilled in the best armor will die. Those who are skilled with crappy armor will live. IF you don’t have enough skill to kill a monster alone luckily the online co-op is available to you. You get 3 faints per hunt. As in everybody shares those 3 faints. So careful who you team up with!=P

    -Co-op is fun…keeps game/grinding somewhat fresh
    -This is a game of skill

    So this is how the game goes. You put in disc/start the digital version…

    Character Creation:
    You start this awesome game by creating your character. You pick skin color, hair style, clothing style, voice, etc. If the options feel limited that’s because you will spend about 97% of this game in armor. You will need it lol…no seriously. The monster you fight hit HARD especially later in the game. Going in without armor will lead you to an early “cart ride” (Cats come pick you up in a cart when you die or “faint”)

    There is a story to monster hunter but, honestly, it’s not too important. The usual “hero” goes to a village being terrorized by a monster which you have to slay. You work your way up to the monster by defeating other monsters etc. It’s starts off with a tutorial (oh gosh no! Don’t teach me how to play! I just wanna kill stuff!) then you can start doing quests.

    How it works: What will you spend your time doing?
    There are 3 ranks. Low rank (easy), High Rank (hard) and G-Rank (death). To get to the next rank you have to do “key” quests which are usually just the new monsters you have yet to fight. You have stars for the difficulty of the quest. 1 star quests are like super easy, gathering, killing small monsters who are no threat, 2 star quests introduce bigger monsters, 3 star even bigger monsters, etc. Do your key quests and you will advance through. Once you unlock…

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  2. CoffeeWithChess

    November 11, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    90 of 102 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Best hunt ever. Period., March 19, 2013

    = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – Nintendo Wii U (Video Game)
    I don’t know where the other reviewers come off giving it one star but this game is probably the best title the Wii U has to offer right now (although my 3 year old son might argue that Sonic & Allstars Racing Transformed is haha). The looks of the game seem almost outdated but when you stop and think about how successful the Wii was when the graphics couldn’t compare to the 360 or PS3 and how much fun the games were, you can quickly come to the conclusion that graphics really don’t mean squat as long as the game is fun. The visuals aren’t bad in the first place. It is a truly beautiful game. It almost feels wrong killing the majestic beasts that you are quested to take down. The depth of this title is mind boggling. I don’t think I can think of a title with this much depth that has released in the recent years. This is probably why people have logged 300+ hours on Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an updated version of Tri. The graphics are about the same only the Wii U version is in high def and contains a GARGANTUAN amount of more content. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself:

    The following comes from the Capcom website from their employee Yuri:

    Starting with some of the most exciting aspects, there are a total of 73 different (both small and large) monsters, including all of the monsters from Monster Hunter Tri, most of the ones introduced in the Japan-only Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, and the fan favorite hip-checkin’ Plesioth (and the Green Plesioth). On top of that, they added a couple of new subspecies and rare species and the brand new Brachydios!

    So if the last MH game you’ve played was Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP), brace yourself because this game is pretty much all new content for you. If you’ve been playing Monster Hunter Tri, however, here’s the list of new targets you can expect to hunt:

    from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

    Anteka (small)
    Bullfango (small)
    Azure Rathalos (subspecies)
    Silver Rathalos
    Pink Rathian (subspecies)
    Gold Rathian
    Green Plesioth (subspecies)
    Black Diablos

    from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

    Gargwa (small)
    Slagtoth (small)
    Wroggi (small)
    Great Wroggi
    Crimson Qurupeco (subspecies)
    Purple Ludroth (subspecies)
    Jade Barroth (subspecies)
    Baleful Gigginox (subspecies)
    Sand Barioth (subspecies)
    Steel Uragaan (subspecies)
    Glacial Agnaktor (subspecies)
    Green Nargacuga (subspecies)

    new to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    Rust Duramboros (subspecies)
    Stygian Zinogre (subspecies)
    Lucent Nargacuga (subspecies)
    Ivory Lagiacrus (subspecies)
    Abyssal Lagiacrus (subspecies)
    Savage Deviljho (subspecies)
    Hallowed Jhen Mohran (subspecies)
    Goldbeard Ceadeus (subspecies)
    … and a brand new final boss!

    Whoa… that was a long list! Sounds like you’re going to need some help. And that’s why Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate not only features local (3DS) and online (Wii U) multiplayer, but it also adds one new A.I. shakalaka companion. If you liked Cha-Cha, then you’re gonna like Kayamba too! And if you didn’t like Cha-Cha, you have one more thing in common with Kayamba, since they are rivals… so in the end, you’re gonna like ’em either way. =P

    Anyways, you can customize both of them with various abilities, dances and a total of 18 masks that give them additional special abilities!

    Now onto some other nitty-gritty numbers, there are…

    211 new quests (being 63 from the Village High-rank, 136 from the Port Tanzia G-rank and 12 Arena quests). New total is 339, not event counting the free DLC quests!!!

    2042 new pieces of equipment broken down as follows:
    – 59 Great Swords, 83 Long Swords, 71 Sword & Shields, 122 Dual Blades, 73 Hammers, 99 Hunting Horns, 78 Lances, 108 Gunlances, 76 Switch Axex, 91 Heavy Bowguns, 96 Light Bowguns, 115 Bows; Total number of weapons is now 1398!
    – 1028 new Armor pieces; Total number of amor pieces is now 1663!
    Now the total number of equipment is 3061! Can you believe it?

    And there are also 3 new areas: The Tower, Misty Peaks and the Tainted Sea

    Out of any title releasing the first part of this year, MH3U is probably the one title that you will truly get all of your money’s worth out of. Just to be warned though, it is one of those titles that you either like it or hate it but for the vast majority everyone seems pleased with it. It is slow to get started but hang in there because it becomes very rewarding, not to mention the online multiplayer is great. I will be playing this title till the end of the Wii U’s lifespan I’m sure.


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