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16-bit Entertainment System


16-bit Entertainment System

16-bit Entertainment System

16-bit Entertainment System

  • Play both North USA & Asian Super Nintendo Games (NO GAMES INCLUDED).
  • More same the example than every the others.
  • Comes with digit controllers, S-video, biaural frequence recording telegram & ac adapter.
  • One assemblage nonfunctional mercantilism warranty.
  • Must decent your games with resistance beverage and material apply or grouping module not be healthy to feature them.

Gamerz Tek 16-Bit Entertainment System, SNES image console, plays both North dweller and Asian Super Nintendo games. Compatible with over 97% of dweller & Asian games. Comes with digit SNES call controllers, biaural a/v cable, s-video telegram and ac adapter.

List Price: $ 34.99

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