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Ipod Classic – Apple iPod 30 GB Video White MA444LL/A 5.5 Generation Discontinued

Apple mp3 Player

Ipod Classic – Apple iPod 30 GB Video White MA444LL/A 5.5 Generation Discontinued

Apple iPod 30 GB Video White MA444LL/A (5.5 Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Apple iPod 30 GB Video White MA444LL/A (5.5 Generation)  (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • touch-8gb/tag/ipod/” title=”View every articles most iPod here”>iPod holds 7500 songs, some hours of video, thousands of photos, and more on 30 GB of storage
  • Download songs, podcasts, videos, games, and more from the iTunes Store
  • Large, 2.5-inch, 320×240-pixel, colouration pass concealment is 60-percent brighter
  • Search duty lets you identify discover the study of a strain with the Click Wheel for fast results
  • Measures 2.4 x 4.1 x 0.43 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 4.8 ounces

Now that you crapper acquire movies from the iTunes Store and sync them to your touch-8gb/tag/ipod/” title=”View every articles most iPod here”>iPod, the full concern is your theater. With the Apple 30 GB iPod with Video Playback in hand, those movies sound comfortably incoming to TV shows, newborn iPod games, podcasts, audiobooks, picture albums, and, of course, an whole accumulation of music–up to 7500 songs. How such crapper your incurvature hold? That’s up to you and your iPod, but no concern how you care it, the iPod holds loads of songs and plentitude of hours of video.

With every your penalization at your fingertips, you haw never poverty to kibosh listening. Lucky abstract your iPod plays audio for hours and hours, or if you’d kinda watch, you crapper repast your eyes on movies and TV shows for individual hours without debilitating your battery

List Price: $ 249.00

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Ipod Classic



  1. Person

    October 28, 2015 at 4:19 pm

    36 of 39 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Apple’s 5.5 Generation iPod, The Step-Up From CDs, December 25, 2006
    Person (across the street) –

    This review is from: Apple iPod 30 GB Video White MA444LL/A (5.5 Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) (Electronics)

    It’s no doubt that CD players are still being used today, but MP3 players are still an upgrade from those players. Similar to cassettes…actually similar to an 8-track to a CD player. Everyone knows that the MP3 player market has tons of brands to choose from. Yeah there’s Apple, but there’s also SanDisk, Creative, iRiver, and so on. But the question is what is more user friendly. I used to own an iRiver H10 and have to say I wasted 300 bucks on that POS. Only in five months the player kept freezing and I’m ending up reinstalling the firmware every three weeks. Finally in July it completely crashed and refuses to add music.

    At that point, I stated that I simply REFUSE to buy another iRiver. Not again, to Apple I come. Actually I was a little anti-Apple but it seems that millions of people have iPods and work fine, so why on earth would I have trouble? Well, I have to say, I do like my new 5.5 Gen iPod. There are a couple of annoyances but otherwise it is a very decent player.

    What comes with the player is: the iPod, a USB cable/charger, earbuds, and a slip in-case to resist fingerprints and scratches. The USB cable/charger is a bit underrated by these users. Yes you must eventually buy a seperate charger for long trips but the cord was not short at all. Also it’s somewhat nice to have both the home charger and USB cable all in one so I don’t worry about losing anything. The earbuds are average. The have a clear sound but less than adequate bass. Also if you’re using white cords it’s painfully obvious that you have an iPod. I’m currently using my new jWIN earbuds that have a dark cord and sound better than the Apple earbuds. The slip-in case won’t protect your iPod at all. You should definitely buy a case, which I’d recommend a camera case, they’re cheap and get the job done, plus they have slots for your earbuds. However the slip-in case is good if you like your iPod to be free of scratches (like me).

    The first step when you wrap your iPod is to download the software. It does take a while if you have dial-up but you, no matter what, will have to use it. iTunes is a fair program and is better than WMP in my outlook. When you have iTunes downloaded you can now import your music and then export them to the iPod. iTunes only goes by ID3 tagging, therefore if you have your music already on your computer you should be mostly set and ready to add. Just drag Music to the iPod and (ta-da sounds goes here), it’s on your iPod. It didn’t take me long to load my iPod (someone on here said three days, lie I think), I’d use the conversation of 15 minutes per 1,000 songs at 192 kbps. Especially a decent time since I have USB 1.1. It’ll probably move faster if you used AAC but slower if you used a hefty rate like 320 kbps. The computer suprisingly ran just as well with no iPod, while when I connected my iRiver H10 it was always a big issue.

    When you get your music, videos, and photos on your iPod, it’s up to you at this point. The best thing I’d do is get the album artwork for any music you have on your computer already. All you have to do is go to your music, select all, and click get album artwork. You do need an iTunes account but it’s very simple to set-up.

    The categories on the iPod are set-up very neat, making it simple to find what you want. There’s also a well designed search function which is useful if you have a large collection of music.

    Otherwise, the iPod has a few extras you might enjoy. Nope, it still has no FM tuner, but I’m thinking who cares if you have such a large collection of music, which made an FM tuner not a big deal to me. It has a clock which is nice but not a biggie. It has the ability to store contacts with pictures which is a good bonus (it would be really cool to see a phone in here or wireless internet on a later generation). It also has a calendar with a built-in alarm, but the alarm isn’t very loud so keep your alarm clocks. You can also enter in text files, a good idea if you’re a heavy reader. A little stopwatech is also included. And if you want people to lay off your iPod, there’s also a screen lock which makes it impossible for people to get in. For other settings, there’s a volume limit if your buying this for a kid and don’t want to kill their ears before they turn 60. You can adjust brightness and backlight settings to save some of your precious battery life.

    The sound quality from the iPod is good, but I found the bassier presets to be too much and distort a bit. My heart-set preset is hip-hop, providing good but not overwhelming bass and clear mids and highs.

    The iPod also features games. This was a hit or miss for me. They were fun to play but ran somewhat choppy while listening to music. Not to the point where they’re unusable but slightly annoying. If you didn’t know you can buy extra games for five bucks each at the iTunes store. A little pricey if you ask me, but I did end up buying Zuma…

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  2. Brian Koch

    October 28, 2015 at 4:14 pm

    71 of 78 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The Way it Should Be, November 11, 2006
    Brian Koch (MI United States) –

    This review is from: Apple iPod 30 GB Video White MA444LL/A (5.5 Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) (Electronics)
    My wife and I had previously owned two Philips GOGear HDD6330 30GB mp3 players and had many many problems. Mostly with syncing the songs onto the devices and also some with proper playback. The interface was also not as nice nor responsive as the iPod. So we returned the Philips players and got an 80GB and 30GB iPod. Neither has let us down once. They sound great, the battery lasts for days (4-6 hours a day use). itunes is very easy to use and seems to almost know what you need to do before you do. podcasts are neat and free, you can download tons of videos from google video, you can put pictures on it, no problems finding accessories. It is really just night and day vs. the current windows based offerings. On the 80GB iPod we have about 6,500 songs, 50 videos, 200 photos, and all of our outlook contacts and it is only about half full. Not to mention the games that come with it. If you don’t mind spending a little more for quality, this is the way to go, it just works.

    My wife uses the 30GB white version and loves it. it does have a lot less space and shorter battery life than the 80 GB, but it is much slimmer feeling as far as the thickness and still has all of the other features that make iPods so great. We also both sync using the same itunes without any problems (turn off auto syncing to do this and drag songs etc to device.) This was not the case when we both were using Philips GoGears and Windows Media Player. Everyone else that I know that owns an iPod has never said anything bad about them, Apple really has a winner here, it would take a lot of convincing to ever switch me back over to windows based mp3 systems.


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