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iChime CHIME-1 Doorbell

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iChime CHIME-1 Doorbell

iChime CHIME-1 Doorbell

iChime CHIME-1 Doorbell

  • Direct enter to iPod, PC, MP3, or CD player
  • Record springy frequence – up to 6 recordings
  • Includes mountain of built-in sounds
  • Easy 2 accommodate equal of existing chimes

This iChime Doorbell replaces your underway gong and gives you the pick of sounds to foretell your visitors. Choose from the pre-programmed selections, achievement your possess set with the built-in microphone, achievement using iPod, CD Player, PC, or MP3 with line-in jack.

List Price: $ 87.25

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. T. Nadeau

    November 16, 2012 at 12:44 pm

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Way cool!, October 13, 2010
    T. Nadeau

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    This review is from: iChime CHIME-1 Doorbell (Tools & Home Improvement)

    Expensive but way kool! I read about sound quality issues when recording your own sounds. I found that turning down the volume on the “Source” a little bit and turning the volume on the iChime all the way up worked great. If you blast a sound byte into the iChime at full volume of course it’s going to be distorted when the iChime tries to do the same. You just have to turn the input sound volume down about 30% of full. Trial and error method worked like a charm and I found the “sweet spot” quickly. Now I hear the “Jetson’s Doorbell” when someone is at the door! Now, if Amazon only sold the Jetson’s push-a-button-get-a-sandwich machines! Who Hoo!




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