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Apple Music Players – Apple iPod 30 GB Photo White M9829LL/A 4th Generation

Apple mp3 Player

Apple Music Players – Apple iPod 30 GB Photo White M9829LL/A 4th Generation

Apple iPod 30 GB Photo White M9829LL/A (4th Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Apple iPod 30 GB Photo White M9829LL/A (4th Generation)  (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • 30 GB help holds up to 7,500 songs; supports AAC (16 to 320 Kbps), MP3 (32 to 320 Kbps)
  • Holds 25,000 photos and displays them on a 2-inch diagonal 65,536-color LCD concealment with LED backlight
  • Up to 15 hours shelling chronicle when full live (which typically takes 5 hours)
  • Compatible with Mac OS X v10.2.8 or v10.3.4 or later; or Windows 2000
  • Comes with earbud headphones, AC adapter, and USB 2.0 cable

Picture this: an touch-8gb/tag/ipod/” title=”View every articles most iPod here”>iPod that holds your whole picture assemblage along with every your music! Carry up to 25,000 digital pictures or up to 7,500 songs anywhere you go with the 30GB touch-8gb/tag/ipod/” title=”View every articles most iPod here”>iPod photo. View and deal your pictures easily on the high-resolution 2″ colouration display. Synch your penalization and photos for music-accompanied slideshows, correct on your iPod or on your TV. Improved shelling chronicle gives you up to 15 hours of penalization playback or 5 hours of picture slideshows with music. The included iTunes code (for Mac and PC) allows you to expeditiously and creatively control your digital picture and penalization collections, and makes it cushy to add to your penalization assemblage via the Apple Music Store. Includes earbud headphones, AC adapter, USB 2.0 telegram and Getting St

List Price: $ 329.99

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  1. The Groove

    January 29, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    173 of 179 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Yes, I Made the Upgrade., March 24, 2005
    The Groove (Boston, MA) –

    This review is from: Apple iPod 30 GB Photo White M9829LL/A (4th Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) (Electronics)
    My introduction to the iPod world was through the Mini, which I like, but I secretly envied those who own the 20GB or 40GB. After a few weeks, I grew to hate being limited to only 1,000 songs on the Mini and wanted an iPod that was able to store more music. So when Apple launched a new line of iPods, I jumped on the first opportunity to make the upgrade. I didn’t quite need an MP3 player that can store photos, but I recommend the 30GB iPod Photo for its color display screen and its ability to save up to 7,500 songs. That’s enough to store my entire collection of Miles Davis, Bob Marley, AC/DC, John Coltrane, and Roxy Music, with plenty of extra space for hundreds more CDs. If you purchase music through iTunes, you’ll also be able to view the album artwork on the iPod screen (this feature SOMETIMES works for music not purchased on iTunes). Very cool. I didn’t buy this player for its photo feature, but I was able to transfer a few family photos just to test the picture quality. The images are fairly clear for an MP3 player, but in no way can they replace a traditional camera. While I’m happy I got the 30GB, I do have one axe to grind with Apple. The headphones, while stylish in their white design, are weak and flimsy. Within a month’s worth of use, the right ear started to give out. Of all the headphones I’ve used in the last 15 years, Apple’s are by far the worst. Audio snobs will most likely throw these out the nearest window and get something else. Beyond that, I highly recommend this bad boy. Those who own the Mini or Shuffle and want to upgrade should skip the 20GB and pay just a few dollars more for the 30GB iPod photo.

    One final comment: it is absolutely critical that you get a protective case for your iPod, regardless of which model you purchase. The display screen scratches VERY easily. Cases are available on this website, your local Apple store, and at other retailers. Protect your investment. Would you like to see a few hundred dollars of your money go down the drain in a matter of days? I, for one, wouldn’t.


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  2. Kensimons

    January 29, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    621 of 625 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    30gig color VS. 20gig B&W, March 24, 2005
    Kensimons (Seattle, WA) –

    This review is from: Apple iPod 30 GB Photo White M9829LL/A (4th Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) (Electronics)

    SCOPE: Because of the price drop on the color models, this review will be targeted to those struggling over a 20gig b&w screen vs. the 30gig color iPod decision.

    BACKGROUND: I own both the 40gig iPod Photo and the new 30gig iPod Photo, and have owned a 15gig regular 4G iPod in the past and I also own a 512mb Shuffle. I use both PC and Mac formats. Note, I am not recommending the 60gig variety.

    1) BOTTOM LINE: The new 30gig iPod Photo @ $349 is, in my opinion, the *perfect* iPod. My main complaint with the 40gig iPod photo was its price and size/weight (i gave it 4 stars). The new 30gig is roughly the same size/weight as the b&w 20gig and has all the features of the Photo family –> and for just $50 more, you get another 10 gigs, 3 more hours of battery time and a color screen!!! This price/feature tradeoff is one of the best you’ll find anywhere in the Apple product suite. Frankly, the 20gig b&w is currently mis-priced @ $299, i would expect this price to drop very soon.

    30gig iPod Photo = $11.63 /per gig — $23.26 /per hour battery time
    20gig iPod b&w = $14.95 /per gig — $24.91 /per hour battery time

    2) PHOTO QUALITY: Good to “pretty good”.. but not excellent (no improvement since the first iPod Photos were released in 10/04)… I do realize the size of the screen is only 2 inches, but photos tend to be slightly pixilated, even the full resolution ones that are over 2mb (though you stop noticing after a minute) and color reproduction is not all that great on skin tones and deep reds, but very good w/ greens&blues… which make pics of landscapes quite nice!

    3) PHOTOS ON MY TV: Now this is where this thing shines… this is a really cool feature… however you MUST BUY the mini-plug-to-RCA-out (headphone to 3 pronged yellow/white/red) for another $20, which in my opinion is worth it.. you can scroll through your photos on your big (or at least bigger than your computer screen) TV screen.

    4) MUSIC: Biggest change here is you can now see the album art… sounds like a tiny feature, but after you get tired of showing off your photo albums, this is probably the single most useful feature. When before you had no incentive to look down at your ipod screen, now you’ll find yourself looking at it all the time… In terms of music playback, it’s the same as any click-wheel, 4G iPod.

    5) SIZE/WEIGHT: Its great!, I cannot physically tell the difference in size and weight between the 20gig b&w and the 30gig iPod Photo… this was my #1 complaint about the iPod Photo 40gig -> it was simply too big and heavy to be practical… that’s why I was forced to buy the Shuffle!

    6) COSMETIC CHANGES: None on the outside, still scratches as easily as the rest, but has a color screen w/ a new font and screen looks very dark w/out the backlight.

    7) BATTERY LIFE: Conditional based on the user… However, so far it seems to run above spec during mixed use = 16hours.

    8) STORAGE: Disk access time for photos do have a lag (on both my 40gig and 30gig), and the unit tends to freeze from time to time, but I would consider the severity and frequency of this event to be insignificant to the overall functionality. In terms of size -> i think audio books, photos, and Podcast Radio programs have made -for the first time- the ridiculous size of the hard drives actually justifiable… in my 40gig photo, i used 15gigs due to my podcasts and audio books and would expect to reach 30gigs in 3-4 years of use… I still feel the 60gig to be not very practical… i suggest you stick with the smaller size.


    A) NEED TO BUY SOFTWARE: In order to enable the cooler features – like syncing albums automatically, etc…, you need to purchase or own iLife (iPhoto specifically) 4.03 or better (if you are the rare few that bought your computer in the last few months w/ 4.0, you still have to download an upgrade to 4.03) … Now I bought my iMac from the Apple website last Christmas and it still shipped w/ iLife 2.0… so I had to purchase iLife 4.0 (according to several company reps, there is no free upgrade from the jump from 2.0 to 4.0)…which took me an additional day to figure out… Yes, you can assign folders and such to sync to your photos to your iPod, BUT having an album editor enables full control of changes and what changes I’m making, to the entire process. Oh Yeah, you need a high version of iTunes as well; my pod came w/ ver. 4.7… IMHO, you need the iPhoto upgrade to enjoy this purchase. If you have PC, you have to buy Adobe Photoshop Elements.

    B) TRANSITIONS: Only the “wipe” from right-to-left is included, however, I heard a firmware upgrade with more transitions would be out later this year.

    C) SLIDESHOWS: You cannot assign multiple music lists in iTunes to specific albums in iPhoto… as of 03/05, you can only assign a SINGLE music list to…

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