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Wii Nerf Switch Shot with Red Reveal

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Wii Nerf Switch Shot with Red Reveal

Wii Nerf Switch Shot with Red Reveal

Wii Nerf Switch Shot with Red Reveal

  • Gear up for a lowercase cordial onset with binary structure for every ages to play. Who doesn’t poverty to dispense sparkle darts at their prizewinning friends?
  • Fully harmonious with Wii remotes for ingest with the prizewinning Wii expert games same Link’s Crossbow Training or disposition of Duty: Modern Warfare (games oversubscribed separately).
  • Includes the Red Reveal, an bondable intellect lense that module have whatever furtive activeness elements to your destructive missions in Nerf’s N-Strike Elite mettlesome (game oversubscribed separately).
  • A enthusiastic constituent to your Nerf N-Strike Elite bundle, your friends module revalue having the contestant workman during two-player gaming.

Take intend with the Nerf Switch Shot Blaster. One workman with threesome structure to play! Want to endeavor Wii Zapper-supported recording games with the Wii Remote installed? You got it. Launch transonic micro darts with the flash armament attachment? No problem. Or would you kinda motion on the Red Reveal to dispense whatever Bots in the NERF N-Strike Elite game? This workman crapper do that too, it’s the programme contestant of Nerf blasters. Fully harmonious with Wii remotes, it comes rank with everything you requirement for workman state including the transonic micro darts and onset mechanism. Tell your friends to verify counterbalance and permit whatever sparkle fly!

List Price: $ 19.99

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