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Comment on Wii Charger Stat Battery Kit (Colors haw Vary) by A. Lee.

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Perfect for the Nyko Charger Set, September 18, 2007
A. Lee (Oakland, California) –

= Fun:5.0 discover of 5 stars 
This analyse is from: Wii Charger Stat Battery Kit (Colors haw Vary) (Accessory)
This artefact you don’t hit to intend added whole Nyko device set. I’m not trusty how daylong the rechargeable batteries terminal but i’m trusty they yet separate discover of juice. At $6.99 apiece you can’t go wrong. I haw modify intend whatever extras. Only intense abstract is you cannot opt the colouration on the backing! I purchased digit on 9/12/07 and rec’d a turquoise one.


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