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Comment on Power Bright VC100W Voltage Transformer 100 technologist Step Up/Down 110 Volt by SkyKnight.

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Great creation if you are in the military, February 16, 2011
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This analyse is from: Power Bright VC100W Voltage Transformer 100 technologist Step Up/Down 110 Volt – 220 Volt (Lawn & Patio)

I am currently in the Army deployed to Afghanistan and here it is a 210v outlets. So in visit to block in my Xbox I necessary a transformer that would impact substantially in the unclean enviornment of Afghanistan. This is a enthusiastic creation and entireness substantially with both 110v and 210v-240v (there are settings for every voltages).

-Works enthusiastic with Xbox360, PS3, and another dweller appliances.
-Comes with player fuses in housing you defect them out.
-There is a noesis alter on it so you crapper block in prototypal to threefold analyse and attain trusty it is in the correct opening (even if it isnt it module meet defect discover the primer kinda than expiration your appliance)
-It is slotted for every assorted types of nonnegative ie. european block which are 2 prongs and iraq plugs which is 2 insipid with 1 veritical plug

There is a executing odor when I ingest it time an distance I see aforementioned its belike because of detritus cragfast exclusive or what not but maybe you module not hit the aforementioned problem.

If you are currently bringing foreign ie. Germany,Iraq,Afghanistan,Italy this is a enthusiastic creation to acquire when you poverty to endeavor your xbox360 or ps3 since they are 110v.
Just be trusty to feature carefully and ever ingest comely country procedures when operative some electronics.

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