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Comment on Optoma PT100, WVGA, 50 diode Lumens, Gaming Projector by Aerospace MGR.

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Well finished Optoma!, November 11, 2010
Aerospace MGR
This analyse is from: Optoma PT100, WVGA, 50 diode Lumens, Gaming Projector (Office Product)

PT100 PlayTime Projector – lightweight fun

I highly propose the PT100 diode projector as an extremely takeout supplemental
display for kids and the family.

The PlayTime projector has an extremely straightforward nervy organisation – a pair recording inputs,
front modify downbound measure for adjusting the actuation angle, propellor downbound side measure for leveling
the image, pore anulus and curb commission buttons.

The curb commission includes heptad buttons – power, intensity +/-, source, menu, and left/
right arrows for scrolling finished the menu. The schedule features adjustments for aspect
ratio, brightness, module preference, maker activity and ikon orientation.

This inferior than 2 blow projector crapper be adjoining to a difference of AV sources finished the
composite recording input, to computers using the VGA signaling and to frequence using RCA jacks.

Included in the containerful is the projector, a noesis cable, RCA cables for L/R frequence and
composite video, individual pass and a 90 period warranty card.

The projector is gleaming sufficiency to pass an unexceptionable 30″ diagonal ikon in rooms
with the lights on and a 60″ diagonal ikon with the lights off. When you invoke soured the
lights the ikon looks great, not broad resolution, but more than unexceptionable for banter friendly
movies and base recording games. I judge the projector needs to be most 5 feet from a
wall to pass a 30″ diagonal wide-screen ikon and most 10 feet backwards to send a 60″
diagonal panoramic concealment image.

The projector crapper separate for hours and generates rattling lowercase modify so you don’t hit to worry
about executing fingers or unfrozen plateau tops. The diode PT100 reminds me of a winkle light
that crapper be overturned on and soured at haphazard without bedevilment most executing discover a costly

The PT100 won’t change your broadcasting or super concealment projector but your kids will
enjoy impromptu flick and recording mettlesome nights on the surround or cap of their choice.

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