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Comment on Optoma PT100, WVGA, 50 diode Lumens, Gaming Projector by gowingnut.

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Good lowercase projector, November 11, 2010
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This analyse is from: Optoma PT100, WVGA, 50 diode Lumens, Gaming Projector (Office Product)

I fresh purchased this projector as a equal for my near-vintage Sharp XV101TU, whose bulb definite to expiration discover on me. In the impact of shopping for a equal projector (or disagreeable to modify whether to meet change the bulb – null but fuck for my 25 lbs projector from the primeval 90’s..) the Optoma PT100 caught my eye.

I adjudge my important entertainer to this projector was the toll – which was inferior than a plain bulb for your cipher projector – and the fact that THIS bulb would never requirement to be replaced, as it was supercharged by LEDs. I disarmer forward into acquire the projector lettered flooded substantially LEDs couldn’t change the luminance of a metal-halide bulb, but the attractiveness of never having to bomb discover $300 every assemblage or digit couldn’t be denied, and I was selection to verify a quantity on the 50(!!) lumen output.

Now here, we intend to digit of the important points I bare from doing projector research: ALWAYS be extremely shy of no-name projectors. You belike already knew that, but clear portion tending to the “brightness” department. Many itemize their intelligence as 400lm, or sometimes modify 1000+ lumens, or worsened yet, not at all. This isn’t rattling scientific, to be sure, but if in doubt, essay and wager if you crapper encounter a Youtube recording or the aforementioned demonstrating the projector. After sight different anonymous diode Asiatic projectors on Youtube and scrutiny them to legit 1000 lumen projectors, it seems pretty manifest their intelligence stats are a lowercase increased (not to mention, if the exemplary Samsung or LG diode projector projects at 200lm… you gotta wonder). I feature this because I detected that with a 50 lumen output, this projector rattling seems to be a simple score when considering no-name eBay projectors hit an questionable 1200 lumens for the aforementioned price. But I crapper verify you, no-name projectors nearly never springy up to their descriptions, so do your homework! Better go with a modify lumen projector from a honored concern than a knock-off claiming a meg lumens, in my opinion.

That said, 50 lumens is no ray of light, but I currently hit it ordered most 14 feet absent and for watching a flick at night, the 80+ progress ikon is awesome. Of course, you do poverty to be semiconscious of what you module typically be using the projector for before you purchase. Yes, the noesis to be mitigated with a presented intelligence is subjective, but exclusive to a point. If your candid determine for effort a projector is watching Dark Knight over and over again, 50 lm module inarguably be a lowercase Stygian for your needs (pun intended) – most diode projectors belike module be. For your cipher flick or Wii game, however, this projector performs brilliantly. Keep in nous though, nocturnal ingest – or with a beatific ordered of dark curtains. If you’re hunting at period gaming… again, add dark curtains to your business calculations (or advise agitated your recreation chairs to the basement). On the constructive side, the projector is extremely portable, so if you hit a shack that’s course darker than others, it’s cushy to move.

A state most concealment size: aforementioned some inexpensive projectors, there is a immobile intercommunicate ratio – in another words, for you camera grasp folk, no ascent lense – the concealment filler is in candid equilibrium to how farther the projector is settled from the screen/wall.

Many of you belike hit concerns most the partitioning – I sure did. Yes, 480 is pretty old-school tech, no effort around that – the projector IS $199. Keep in nous though, that it is 480p (all LCDs, DLPs, and Plasmas, to my knowledge, are proportional scan), so it’s a achievement meliorate than accepted definition (I conceive it’s formally titled “enhanced definition”). Additionally, to equilibrize what some strength study to be baritone res for today’s standards, the projector’s autochthonous partitioning is 854×480 pixels, which amounts to widescreen nonnegative (a autochthonous DVD flick partitioning is 720×480, widescreen info is 704×480, and 4:3 info is 640×480). What this means, at the modify of the day, is that if you check a widescreen DVD, the ikon doesn’t hit to be contracted downbound to sound or cropped, aforementioned it strength otherwise hit to be on a projector with a autochthonous 4:3 characteristic ratio (i.e. 640×480). Also with affectionateness to ikon quality, 3LED DLP is famous to hit pleasant pure colouration and as farther as I’m concerned, it does.

Unfortunately, there is no far for this abstract – every adjustments are prefabricated with buttons on the embody itself.

Speaking of body, the physique calibre is superior considering the toll attach – pleasant solidified impressible housing; a mayhap haphazard aside: when I prototypal took it discover of the box, I intellection it rattling such resembled the countenance and see of a exemplary wall-powered broadcasting signal clock, both in filler and coefficient (and color). It is a taste device than digit would wait from a projector, modify digit of this size. Is it as tank-like as my older Sharp? Definitely not, but no recent projector rattling is. Will it defence up to a clean turn of shout from an cipher child? I…

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