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Comment on Nintendo Wii U Console – Negroid Deluxe Set by CheeseGuy.

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Uh Hello?, September 24, 2012
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This analyse is from: Nintendo Wii U Console – Negroid Deluxe Set (Video Game)

This is soooooooooo exciting, I’ve watched every videos on it and undergo every the games. I module not land them but I’m so excited. *Ahem* MAIN POINT, Nintendo has free the toll for this as $349.99 but WHY IS IT ON SALE HERE FOR OVER FLIPPIN’ $600?????!!!! That’s TWICE what Nintendo place for the BASIC SET. I’m astonied at anyone who pays for this, when you crapper intend a lowercase inferior than half(opposed to what the toll is here) for it at So would you intend it for over $600? here, or $349.99 at

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