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Comment on Nintendo Pro Controller Negroid – Nintendo Wii U by saint Matthews.

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Really Great, but 1 or 2 Tiny Gripes, September 21, 2014
James Matthews
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This analyse is from: Nintendo Pro Controller Negroid – Nintendo Wii U (Accessory)
Very beatific someone for the Wii U. An superior deciding to the gamepad if that’s a discernment likewise super for your taste. The included USB cloth allows you to calculate it from the console, which is nice. The buttons see beatific to press, but the triggers and bumpers are unearthly if you’re utilised to Xbox. They hit the aforementioned see as the grappling buttons, which is fine, but i favour the Xbox bumpers with that pleasant “click”.
Costs aforementioned as Wiimote/Nunchuk but better
Charge it from the console
All the buttons are essentially the aforementioned as the gamepad
Light, but doesn’t see cheap

Fingerprint magnet
You haw unexpectedly advise the noesis fix instead of Home since they’re most the aforementioned filler and placement
Cannot completely change the gamepad on every game


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