5-in-1 Wii Fitness Kit for Wii Fit (Green)

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5-in-1 Wii Fitness Kit for Wii Fit (Green)

5-in-1 Wii Fitness Kit for Wii Fit (Green)

  • Wii Fitness Kit includes Jeli sleeve, Fitness travel platform, Remote & nunchuk holsters, Fitness matted and unsmooth measure socks–one filler fits most (Wii Fit commission not included)
  • Accessory Kit for ingest with Wii Fit (Wii Fit not included)
  • Jeli arm and Wii Fit socks for best traction
  • Remote & Nunchuk holsters easily instance to pants, underpants or belt
  • Soft and imperishable shape matted with 3 place construction

Digital Gadgets 5 in 1 outfit for ingest with the Nintendo Wii Fit (Wii Fit not included) This outfit module attain using your Wii Fit exciting, and comfortable!

Fitness Mat:
3 Layer organisation ensures softness and durability
Textured opencast ready the Wii Fit Board Stable and reduces slipping
Also entireness as a Yoga or Pilates call training mat

Jeli Sleeve:
Protects the Wii Fit Board from soil and scratches
Rubberized, unsmooth opencast prevents slippy and adds traction

Fitness Step-Up:

Offers player spot ensures your incoming Wii workout module be modify more challenging
Features Antiskip measure cushion

Remote & Nunchuck Holsters:

Convenient holsters instance to pants, shorts, or belts

High Quality materials secure daylong chronicle and

List Price: $ 49.99

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