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Sony SmartWatch US version 1 Android Bluetooth USB Retail Box

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Sony SmartWatch US version 1 Android Bluetooth USB Retail Box

Sony SmartWatch US edition 1 Android Bluetooth USB Retail Box

Sony SmartWatch US edition 1 Android Bluetooth USB Retail Box

  • Read every your texts, emails or ethnic media updates; curb your smartphone’s penalization and such more
  • Multi-touch colouration 1.3-Inch OLED display
  • When a call, communication or another asking comes in, your Sony SmartWatch acts as an Android far and gently vibrates on your carpus to permit you know.

At meet 0.3 inches anorectic with an easy-to-wear band or clip, SmartWatch makes it ultimate to meet on crowning of chronicle in call with meet a tap, contact or a swipe. Read your stylish book messages, emails and position updates and wager who’s disagreeable to accomplish you, modify when your phone’s at the lowermost of your bag. Choose from loads of elating newborn apps on Google Play to attain your SmartWatch modify smarter.

List Price: $ 75.33

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  1. Amazon Customer

    December 12, 2016 at 10:39 pm

    9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Much better than what I thought! The apps make it the best gadget I ever had., June 9, 2013

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Sony SmartWatch US version 1 Android Bluetooth USB Retail Box (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I was a bit concerned by other reviews stating that:
    – You couldn’t see the time when the watch is not connected to the smartphone. Well, I turn off the bluetooth on my phone (Samsung Note 2) and the clock still works.
    – You could not see the smartwatch display in the sun. Kind of true if the sunlight directly faces your watch. But I could still see the time and without direct sunlight on the display and outdoors, I was still able to read my notifications.
    – You couldn’t go very far from your phone without losing connection. With my phone, the bluetooth works great. I was still able to command my phone on the first floor with my watch on the second floor with 2 closed doors in between, at least 40 feet.
    – With a phone that is not a Sony one, you could not answer phone calls from your phone. True but after uninstalling Sony ‘Call handling’ app and installing ‘Call handling Pro’ by everything was fixed.
    Negative sides:
    – The battery. Using it a lot, it lasted 2 days.
    – Not completely waterproof. Only splash proof.
    Nice surprises:
    – The watch slightly vibrates each time you receive new notifications and displays the message. It’s great to have access to all the emails and messages received by your phone. This is one the reasons why I preferred the Smartwatch to the Pebble, which gives access only to the last email (so far).
    – Some of the apps are pretty impressive, such as VFinder, Watcher or Calendar reminder. Calendar reminder works great with Google calendar. All my appointments are automatically reminded to me. VFinder permits to use your phone as a video surveillance camera. Watcher permits you to take pictures from your phone with your watch. If you lose your phone and if the phone is in the house for example, ‘Find phone’ will make your phone ring till you can find it. Also, having the watch vibrating when my alarms or countdown go off makes it very convenient.
    The most impressive app is AppWidgetDisplay by Fumiaki Tokuhisa (tip from Andreas Ødegård). It allows you to install shortcuts for most of your favorite apps. It works great with the app ‘Assistant’ by Speaktoit (and with bluetooth headphones) and also with Pandora.
    So, best gadget!!! Highly recommended!!!
    Update: The PowerAmp app makes it even better: I can not only control my music (song, volume, forward, backward…) but also listen to my downloaded radio podcasts. 🙂
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  2. D. Nutt

    December 12, 2016 at 9:41 pm

    520 of 540 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    A Very Good Device, Could Be Better, November 23, 2012
    D. Nutt (Snoqualmie, WA USA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Sony SmartWatch US version 1 Android Bluetooth USB Retail Box (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    I was a little skeptical because many have given the Sony Smartwatch poor reviews. But I thought I’d give it a try. Overall I am very happy with the device although it is a little frustrating because it could be so much better.

    I am an IT guy and I have to answer my emails promptly. I work in an office and I get tons of emails each day and I know my phone constantly beeping with incoming emails can be annoying, and vibrating notifications weren’t working for me either. So I was hoping the Sony Smartwatch would allow me to get my email notifications on my watch, thinking I would never miss something vibrating on my wrist. Well, it does just that. It vibrates quitely when I receive an email or text message or a phone call. I can turn the ringer off on my phone and nobody ever knows in the office. I can take a quick glance at my watch, decline a phone call or peek at the sender and subject of an email without the person I am talking to even knowing.

    The things I like:

    Style and Look: Except for the clip on back (more on that later) the design of this device is elegantly modern without making you look like a nerd. Really, if you pick a classic watch face design, and there are many to choose from in aftermarket software, it is a very good looking watch. With free aftermarket software, you can customize the look of the watch in many ways, the background color, digital or analog clock faces, the color of the hands, you can even put a photo as your watch face. The lady who sits next at work to me mentioned that she would love to be able to change the color of the watch to match her accessories.

    Bluetooth connection: I’ve heard many say their Bluetooth connections are poor. I’m sure it depends on your phone but with my Galaxy S3 I have never once lost the connection to the phone; not once. In fact, I was surprised to find out that I can leave the phone on a table and walk all over my 2 story house and not lose connection. I was very impressed with this. Again, I think this may depend on your phone.

    Battery Life: Because the main thing I wanted this watch for was work it needed to last all the work day, at least, and I am happy to say that mine lasts from dawn to dusk and longer, even when I leave the watch display on all day. Like many devices, including smartphones this thing connects to, you should expect to charge it at night, every night. I have been pleasantly surprised at the battery life because many other reviewers have mentioned poor, even unusable, battery life. You also have to take steps to reduce battery usage when necessary. For example, widgets tend to use up your battery faster and really don;t offer much. I don’t use them at all, instead of a widget, I just open the app as normal.

    Software: It wasn’t apparent to me what to do when I received this device and I work with electronics for a living so that’s a problem with the documentation that comes with the device. It does NOTHING, it won’t even tell time, until it is connected to your phone via software you download to your phone. It was very ambiguous what this software was even called; it’s called SmartConnect or LiveManger depending on what Android version you have. I soon figured that the SmartConnect app controls many other aftermarket apps. Most are free, some cost a buck or two. Some are very useful and it is fun to explore the apps available for the Smartwatch

    Things I don’t like:

    The clip on back. I hate it. It adds 50% to the thickness of the device and offers nothing. It’s called Smartwatch, it’s a watch. I don’t want to clip it to my backpack. This stupid clip makes the watch stick up 50% higher off my wrist and is the only thing I do not like about the look of this watch. This clip cost the Sony Smartwatch 5 stars in my review.

    The charging cable/connector. Why oh why would Sony put this horrible, proprietary connector on an otherwise great device instead of a micro USB connector? Grrrr! The cable that comes with the Smartwatch is not very long and you won’t find one like it at your local electronics store. It also does not make a very strong connection. I recommend taking the watch off of the band when charging because this ridiculous connector may not charge correctly with the band on. This nearly cost the device another star.

    Overall: I would recommend this to friends because the pros far outweigh the cons. The thing that gets me is that the cons, namely the USB connector and the clip on back, were intentional chosen by Sony. How can they design something so cool then muck it up with the clip and horrible USB connector. Even with those mistakes, this device does what it says it does and works very well for me. Even my non-geek friends think it is cool just because of the way I can change the appearance of the clock face. My more tech-minded friends think it is cool that I get all my…

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