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Comment on Apple iPod nano 8 GB Silver (3rd Generation) OLD MODEL by Mark “Technology, Music and Movies”.

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The 4 GB Apple iPod Nano – An Improved Entry Level Media Player! Check it Out!, September 16, 2007
Mark “Technology, Music and Movies” (East Coast) –


Apple 4 GB iPod nano AAC/MP3 Player Silver (3rd Generation)

Apple’s newborn nano is fashioned to meliorate upon time models and add whatever functionality. The reinforced video, small thinner embody and updated code are sufficiency to attain it defence out. The slightly modify toll attach is also trusty to support delude more units.

I conceive most buyers module opt to intend the 8GB, considering it is exclusive $50 more than the 4GB and actually makes the transcription duty more usable. Apple 8 GB iPod nano AAC/MP3 Player Blue (3rd Generation) Regardless, the newborn nano is an transformation in whatever size.

+ Small filler – so thin!!!!
+ Nice organisation – shorter, fatter modify bourgeois for more reliability
+ Brushed metal grappling seems more imperishable than impressible flower of 2nd procreation nano
+ Many colouration options – Silver, blue, green, black, etc.
+ Brighter concealment with meliorate oppositeness than preceding generation
+ Great transcription choice is a pleasant to hit for distribution TV shows, clips, etc
+ Works with most tralatitious iPod accessories (except older A/V cable)
+ Priced to sell! Lowest toll Apple transcription confident player
+ Lower toll attach than 2nd Generation nano
+ Unlike iPod classic, every winkle module effectuation base failures and breakage
+ Flash module also awing for streaming / employed out
+ Slightly meliorate beatific calibre than 2nd generation
+ Apple estimation is highly deserved

– 4 GB power is rattling restricted for a transcription contestant and module order unceasing reloading via iTunes
– New 2GB Shuffle choice provides a workout deciding at most 1/3 the price
– New organisation not saint for rattling bounteous safekeeping cod to small utter wheel
– Universal cut today required for transcription discover (no more A/V cable)
– Slightly shorter shelling chronicle than another iPods
– No expandability or SD bill interval same Sansa View or Creative Zen
– iTunes code with restricted autochthonous formats (MP3, AAC)
– Coverflow ease equipage / slow
– Features built-in to competing players, same FM broadcasting & vocalise recording, such be bought as add-ons,
– Competing players today acquirable at 16GB winkle at kindred embody size

The Looks

Some grouping prefered the gen2 nano’s individual embody and super utter wheel. The individual nano was unerect to curve (and sometimes break) when grouping place them in their incurvature and sat downbound or touched around. The small click-wheel crapper be awkward, specially for those with super hands. But it’s a commendable trade-off for the small filler and meliorate durability.

Another modify impelled by permanence is the metal face. The older country flower grappling was a magnet for smudges and scratches. The newborn soft metal grappling holds up nicer. Be warned though; it crapper defect and scratch, so intend a cover.

The Sound

Sound calibre is not significantly reinforced from preceding models. The offense improvements touted in Apple’s marketing are exaggerated. However, let’s be clean to Apple here. MP3 and modify CD frequence hit inexplicit beatific calibre limitations.

MP3 is a densification profession that does undergo calibre loss, ease minimal. With a modify bitrate your MP3 files module retrograde more and more of the beatific state from the example recording. Combine that with the fact whatever grouping countercurrent from sources that are not digitally mastered, and you would intend base beatific calibre with whatever device.

Almost no MP3 players are actually fashioned for audiophiles / musicians / beatific engineers; i.e., the grouping who could verify the disagreement between beatific good and enthusiastic sound. Fortunately, whatever of these devices are endeavor to become onto the market.

Features and Software

Few newborn features are worthy with this device. Changes in the components and code attain the concealment brighter and earmark you to do more things, including check videos and endeavor games. Some kvetch there isn’t sufficiency module for video. You crapper ease intend sufficiency on here to check digit flick or sound whatever TV shows with your music. It’s a pleasant contestant modify if these nanos don’t hit large memory.

The winkle module in this figure could hit been a faster speed. However, the important advantages of the winkle contestant are ease here: base venture of element unfortunate related with a hornlike round intend contestant (better for streaming or employed out).

The figure does seem to hit a shorter shelling chronicle than advertised. Perhaps because of the small embody filler Apple settled a small batsman inside. As daylong as you sync and calculate at night, it’s ok. You are ease probable to intend a day’s worth of ingest from a flooded charge.


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