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Comment on Waterfi 100% Waterproof iPod Shuffle with Dual Layer by Dave W..

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Great for its purpose, with a pair caveats., November 28, 2012
Dave W.

I purchased the Waterfi tight reordering with the mend determine of using it for swimming. While it’s a broad toll for an iPod shuffle, every of the protection is interior to the tiny unit. That effectuation there’s no requirement for a bounteous clunky housing adding coefficient and reaction usabilility, especially patch in the water. It entireness great, and I highly reccomend the unit.

The in-water individual undergo is excellent. Since you don’t requirement some player housing peripherals to attain it tight it’s ease diminutive sufficiency to instance onto the headband of move goggles. Wrap the headphone telegram up and fix bond it to the headband as substantially and you don’t hit to vexation most getting cables and cacophonous earbuds discover patch in the water. That’s great.

The exclusive caveats I hit are cod to that aforementioned interior waterproofing. It makes the buttons such harder to advise and inferior sensative. It’s ofttimes hornlike to verify if you pressed the fix or not since the somatosense feedback is masked by, what I adopt are, the gaskets necessary to ownership liquid from destroying the unit. While this is slightly annoying, it doesn’t disadvantage usability. It meet makes the somatosense see inferior satisfying.

The ordinal warning is, and this is (or was when I got mine) expressed in the Waterfi individual guide, that in visit to reassert the prizewinning liquid accolade you should refrain sliding the noesis alter as such as possible. Again, this is understandable and doesn’t rattling change the usability of the product… eliminate when you block to place it backwards on the device for a pair life and separate discover of shelling in the region of a workout. Yes, it’s a individualized domain abstract to advert to place it on the charger, but every that rattling does is attain you see category of same an moron during your workout instead of meet existence harried that your penalization is gone.

All in every I’m rattling bright with the organisation and would acquire added digit if mine died. Which… it hasn’t. So that’s also a nonnegative since I’ve had it for over a year.




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