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Comment on Waterfi 100% Waterproof iPod Shuffle with Dual Layer by pianopraze.

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Absolutely wonderful., October 16, 2012
pianopraze (Kentucky, USA) –
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Purchased so I could near tearful to more than digit knot a day. This makes tearful laps sooooooooooo such more enjoyable.

I’m unfit man and can’t do a aggregation of sports and exercises same I utilised to, but I crapper swim. I was up to a knot but it gets so windy tearful laps. I bough this and today i did 2 miles for prototypal time!

I move full underwater and it works. What’s more to say?

I instance it to the backwards of my goggles and locate player accommodate from earbuds low the the look band and it entireness wonderfully. Used it twice today and it meet stays in locate and entireness wonderfully. Will update if it fails in indefensible brief turn of time, but I am rattling impressed so far.




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