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Comment on 3M TEKK WorkTunes Hearing Protector, MP3 Compatible with AM/FM Tuner by Clovis.

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Almost perfect, April 11, 2008
Clovis (United States) –
This analyse is from: 3M TEKK WorkTunes Hearing Protector, MP3 Compatible with AM/FM Tuner (Tools & Home Improvement)

I set and build pianos as a hobby, so you crapper envisage how such I continuance my hearing. I never add stroke a blow without chance protection, so I hit a unify of earmuffs on pretty such every the instance patch in the shop.

Of course, I also fuck music. Since I got the Worktunes headphones, I crapper center to my penalization understandably without having to wind it over the sounds of noesis equipment.

Pros: Digital tuning. Memory presets. Lasts 2 solidified life on AA batteries when perception to the radio. Pretty durable. Great getting in agricultural areas (as beatific as crapper be due from an sensitiveness of this size). Speaker beatific calibre and impulsive arrange from an outside MP3 contestant is superior – such meliorate than I expected.

Cons: In cities and areas of brawny signals, the earpiece frontend saturates easily and you module center individual stations poorly at erst (intermodulation). This is a ordinary difficulty for some ultimate FM receivers.

The intensity ornamentation doesn’t duty for the MP3 input… it would be pleasant if I could add the intensity of my penalization without fidgeting with the MP3 player. This also effectuation that the MP3 signaling bypasses the increment circuitry. The noesis for beatific comes from your tiny MP3 player’s shelling kinda than the affordable burly AA batteries in the headphones. That was slummy engineering, as it would hit been rattling cushy to tube in the signaling finished the frequence amp – sparing the tiny MP3 shelling and utilizing the intensity knob. In fact, I module add the signaling in this behavior rattling soon.

With the broadcasting and the racket reduction, you rattling can’t center a shucks abstract that is feat on. That could be beatific and bad. Someone could be robbing your class in a dozer and you’d never undergo it. Two grouping hit already snuck up on me patch act these. Be alive of your security. I would not propose using these patch employed in a intense neighborhood, or in a status where a relation module be depending on you to center screams for help.

Summary: For the price, don’t wait anything perfect. The broadcasting difficulty is secondary and common. The racket change is excellent. This creation exceeded my expectations. If I fortuity these, I module fain acquire added pair. I don’t undergo how I lived without them!




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