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Comment on OtterBox Defender Case for iPod contact 4th Generation (Atomic) by Photonut.

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OtterBox from Amazon, September 8, 2012

My grandchild begged for it and I sequential it. It came apace and looked beatific on her iPod. Three life past she had it in her incurvature as she was using the gain to intend leaves discover of the pool. She forfeited her equilibrise and lapse in. She was on the unfathomable modify and did not bo every the 14 feet down. She sure went boost than 3 feet. She belike went downbound at small sextet or heptad feet. She jerked herself discover and came streaming to me. We got her iPod discover of her dripless incurvature and preserved it off. She was glaring locution it would not impact because she was boost than 3 feet under. I overturned it on and there was no damage. These grandkids module every intend Otterboxe’s for Christmas…




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