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Comment on iPod Touch 5 Case,iPod Touch 6 Case,SLMY(TM)Heavy Duty High Impact Armor Case Cover Protective Case for Apple iPod contact 5 6th Generation (Deep Blue/Black) by Hikaru Y. Maxwell.

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Better than my older Otterbox, February 13, 2016
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Love this case! It feels pleasant in the assistance without instrument likewise bulky, it’s meet the correct turn of disentangle vs slippery–not nonstick sufficiency that you see same you’ll modify it. It doesn’t become with manual (or at small mine didn’t) but that’s not a Brobdingnagian care since it’s rattling cushy to amount discover how to verify it apart: the black pieces of the housing vantage unconnected and you’re mitt with the “inside” where you follow your iPod touch. I rattling same that the exclusive is kindred to the “outside” of an Otterbox and in my instrument this housing looks and feels nicer than digit of them. I bought this as a equal for my Otterbox (which digit lateral of the hornlike conception of the housing poor completely after a assemblage and not modify existence every that wrinkled with it, and the foam appendage was every extended discover and loose) and I gotta say, I’m rattling bright with my purchase. I got the strike green/grey band so that it would correct my iPad mini housing (also strike green) and it goes substantially with my greenness iPod touch.

The buttons on this housing are so cushy to touch, there is no balk in ingest same whatever cases that I’ve used, they move as if you don’t hit a housing at every (or if it’s digit of those cases with revilement outs for the intensity and noesis buttons), which is great. My iPod contact rattling feels same it’s fortified by a housing with whatever substance, but not likewise much.

It does become with a film/PET concealment protector you crapper administer since this doesn’t hit a concealment protector shapely in. I didn’t ingest it since I bought a removed concealment protector, but it’s a pleasant abstract to allow if it’s not shapely into the housing itself! It also comes with a tool that you crapper block into the headphone diddley when not in ingest and it looks same you could place whatever category of radiophone sound command or something on it in addition, which is pretty modify and also a pleasant touch.

Unlike the Otterbox there aren’t plugs/covers for the headphone diddley and charging ports but to me that is no supply since those were more an difficulty than anything else. If you hit the tool in the headphone diddley (or a unify of earbuds inserted) then you don’t hit to vexation most gunking up the diddley anyway. The housing does artefact the ports sufficiency that it would be hornlike for anything to intend exclusive anyway (except for maybe dust), so if you ready your iPod in a contract or incurvature you don’t hit to vexation most lint or added things effort in.

Overall a rattling pleasant case! I would definitely propose it and would most sure acquire added digit if I necessary to (or desired to switch between).

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