HiBy R6 Portable High Resolution Audio Player Hi-Res Music Player Bluetooth MP3 Player HiFi

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HiBy R6 Portable High Resolution Audio Player Hi-Res Music Player Bluetooth MP3 Player HiFi Music Player (Green)

HiBy R6 Portable High Resolution Audio Player Hi-Res Music Player Bluetooth MP3 Player HiFi Music Player (Green)

  • Features World-First Direct Transport Audio Technology, Dual ESS DACs, Snapdragon 425.
  • Experience “CD-like” frequence calibre penalization moving on HiBy R6 thanks to the High-Resolution Audio.
  • A broad action wireless HiBy contestant both as a Hi-Fi frequence figure and Android device.
  • Bringing Bluetooth 4.0 and the apt-X lossless , the HiBy R6 is healthy to have a crack perception experience.
  • 4.2” HD Touchscreen,32GB interior storage,2TB elastic storage,12 hours of penalization endeavor time.

Full Flavour of Sound
Using threefold ESS flagship ES9028Q2M DAC chips, HiBy R6 delivers an SNR of up to 120dB and THD+N downbound to 0.0006%, a hi-res frequence action that captures the depth and dimension of apiece note, allowing users to undergo the subtleties of apiece instrument.
Bit-perfect Output
The prototypal Android Hi-Fi Music contestant with modern backwards harmonious Direct Transport Audio architecture, DTA structure bypasses Android Sample Rate Conversion for every apps not explicitly resampling before expiration frequence to the system. For the prototypal time, savor the status of bit-perfect penalization on practically every penalization apps, topical or streaming.
Powerful Lag Free Processor
HiBy R6 is the prototypal takeout Hi-Fi penalization contestant to separate on Snapd

List Price: $ 699.00

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2 thoughts on “HiBy R6 Portable High Resolution Audio Player Hi-Res Music Player Bluetooth MP3 Player HiFi

  1. 9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent Android DAP, September 6, 2018

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    My overall impression is that this is an excellent Android DAP for the money. Personally, I like the resolution, detail, and tonality of the Astell&Kern DAPs better. However, the A&K DAPs do not support Tidal offline mode. This is a restriction from Tidal and not A&K. The HiBy R6 allows access to the Google Play store where you can download Tidal – thus Tidal offline support is available. The excellent value for the money plus Tidal offline support is why I decided on this DAP,

    Build quality – Very good. I have the stainless steel version. Comfortable to hold and operate with one hand.
    Performance – Very good. No delays or screen lags. Smooth operation.
    Battery life – Very good.
    Sound – Enjoyable. Detailed in all frequencies, full-bodied, dynamic and reasonably punchy with a decent soundstage.

    Things to note:
    – Still some software issues to be worked out. On a couple of occasions, two songs started playing via Tidal at the same time. I’m not sure if that was a bug with Tidal or the DAP. The good thing is that the DAP software (and Tidal) receive regular updates.

    – The output impedance of this DAP is 10ohms, which is interestingly high for a DAP. An impedance that high can change the tonality of low impedance IEMS/earphones/headphones. I purchased the iFi IEMatch dongle to eliminate this issue (works like a charm). Without the IEMatch, the sound coming from the R6 through my headphones sounded too bright/punchy. Again, the IEMatch corrected this and all is good. I can’t say this is really an issue with the DAP per se as much as it is an issue with IEM/earphone/headphone design. I asked HiBy why they designed this device with such a high output impedance and they replied ‘to protect against device short-circuit’. At any rate, I thought this was worth mentioning. Most DAPs have a very low output impedance so people don’t come across this issue.

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  2. 13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This is the best player you can buy for under $900, October 10, 2018
    N. Barad

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I am very happy with my Hiby R6. The build quality is slightly better than my Astell and Kern Kann. This player is so fast- no lag playing dsd files- my Kann takes a full 4 seconds. I have also owned a Fiio X5iii and a Onkyo Dp-X1A- ( I can’t stand the file management system). The Hiby R6 is better than both of those. I am not really an EQ guy, but Mage Sound Eight Ball is pretty amazing. It allows you to adjust the sound more intuitively than an EQ. Nice, quiet background- firm bass, nice highs that don’t fatigue your ears and strong, lush, accurate mids. Hiby Music works well as the music app, there has already been 3 software upgrades since I have owned the player- these guys are primarily a software company used by all of the high end manufacturers to solve their code issues. So, you know their software is top notch and well maintained..It comes with front and rear screen protectors, with an extra front one, even. Battery times has been at least 12 hours. My only complaint is the bluetooth could be a little bit better, but still works well. I have a 400gb card in my player and it works very well. I own the stainless steel version- it is beautiful- totally worth the extra money. Also- don’t worry about the impedence- I run Noble Kaiser 10 customs and Campfire audio Polaris and Cascades- they sound amazing- large soundstage, upfront with really nice imaging. I totally recommend this player to people looking for a great android player in the $500-900 range.
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