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Comment on HiBy R6 Portable High Resolution Audio Player Hi-Res Music Player Bluetooth MP3 Player HiFi Music Player (Black Aluminum Alloy) by .

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This is the prizewinning contestant you crapper acquire for low $900, October 10, 2018
N. Barad
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I am rattling bright with my Hiby R6. The physique calibre is slightly meliorate than my Astell and composer Kann. This contestant is so fast- no holdup activity dsd files- my Kann takes a flooded 4 seconds. I hit also owned a Fiio X5iii and a Onkyo Dp-X1A- ( I can’t defence the enter direction system). The Hiby R6 is meliorate than both of those. I am not rattling an EQ guy, but Mage Sound Eight comedienne is pretty amazing. It allows you to change the good more intuitively than an EQ. Nice, stilly background- concern bass, pleasant highs that don’t tedium your ears and strong, lush, faithful mids. Hiby Music entireness substantially as the penalization app, there has already been 3 cipher upgrades since I hit owned the player- these guys are primarily a cipher consort utilised by every of the broad modify manufacturers to cipher their cipher issues. So, you undergo their cipher is crowning cutting and substantially maintained..It comes with face and side concealment protectors, with an contestant face one, even. Battery nowadays has been at small 12 hours. My exclusive upset is the bluetooth could be a lowercase taste better, but ease entireness well. I hit a 400gb bill in my contestant and it entireness rattling well. I possess the unsullied poise version- it is beautiful- totally worth the contestant money. Also- don’t vexation most the impedence- I separate Noble Emperor 10 tariff and Campfire frequence variable and Cascades- they good amazing- super soundstage, upfront with rattling pleasant imaging. I totally propose this contestant to grouping hunting for a enthusiastic robot contestant in the $500-900 range.

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