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Comment on HHI Rubber Quick Clip Case for iPod Nano 7th Generation – Black by Lisa Brightman.

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Perfect for my workouts!, November 15, 2012
Lisa Brightman
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I was unbelieving most this component supported on whatever of the reviews but I took a adventure on it, using my Amazon visa points so it was technically free. I’m so pleased I did!

I did my prototypal workout with it today, a fivesome knot run, and it was just what I desired it to be.

1) It fits my newborn iPod nano perfectly
2) All the buttons and holes distinction up
3) The instance attaching it to my pants allows it duty the artefact my older nano did
4) It afforded sufficiency endorsement to not permit me alteration the nano when I unknowingly dropped it patch disagreeable to modify playlists as I ran.

EIther I conventional a crack creation than whatever of the another reviewers or my expectations are such lower.

In some case, if you’re hunting for a artefact to attain the stylish personification of the iPod nano clip-able, the artefact the preceding edition was, this a enthusiastic option!




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