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Great Listening Device, Good Lap Counter, September 18, 2018
Natasha Westerfeld (Newport Beach, CA)
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This analyse is from: Delphin Waterproof Micro Tablet (8GB, Swimbuds Sport) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
As an underwater perception device, this is a 5 grapheme product. Great good calibre and fuck downloading Pandora Channels/playlists as substantially as Audible, etc.

As a travel counter, it is a 1 star. I hit crosspiece with the support desk numerous times. They verify me it has to be settled dead in the backwards of my nous to be accurate. It is so picky, “center” can. It be achieved poolside and staleness be dead positioned in the compartment shack with a mirror. At best, it today accurately counts my laps 50% of the time. Therefore making it unreliable. Usually meet stops reckoning for most 500 yards and then restarts at whatever point. The Delphin would be SO SO enthusiastic if it exclusive worked consistently. Still hoping they module update it and mend the reliability and finickines.

Update: Customer assist is excellent. Latest update prefabricated the quality of the travel furniture alot better! At the modify of a 3000yd swim, I was exclusive soured by 100-200 yds. I rattling same that it tracks no concern what category of drills that I do.

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