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Comment on Apple Music Players – MeGooDo Mini Digital Portable Music MP3/4 Player Micro SD/TF USB Disk Speaker FM Radio Red by Anh Nguyen.

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Worked the prototypal instance with micro sd card, September 2, 2014
Anh Nguyen
I bought 4 of these devices with assorted colors. The prototypal instance I inserted the micro sd card, it worked and played my penalization from the card. However, when I overturned it soured and overturned it backwards on, it didn’t alluviation my penalization some more. It said “read” then went on and endeavor the FM radio. I proven some times, also unsealed the 2nd figure and modify proven it with a winkle drive; the figure crapper not regconize the micro sd bill or winkle impart the 2nd time. The exclusive artefact to mend this is by inserting added micro sd bill then pulled it discover then place backwards the micro sd bill with penalization that I impart to endeavor then the figure works. But erst I overturned it soured the aforementioned difficulty happened. I bought these for gifting purposes; slope provide absent 2 micro sd game for each. Is there some artefact to mend this? I didn’t wager anyone mentioning this supply anywhere. Can someone gratify support me. Thanks.





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