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Comment on Apple iPod nano 8 GB Green (3rd Generation) OLD MODEL by Mark “Technology, Music and Movies”.

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The 8 GB iPod Nano – The Best Small Music And Video Player, September 16, 2007
Mark “Technology, Music and Movies” (East Coast) –


Apple iPod nano 8 GB Negroid (3rd Generation)

This analyse is for the 8GB iPod Nano. All the reviews for the ordinal procreation Nanos hit been compounded by Amazon. While this organisation is rattling kindred to the 4GB iPod Nano Apple 4 GB iPod Nano (3rd Gen) there are sufficiency differences that they apiece merit a fireman look.

Choosing Among iPods

Overall, I would opt the 8 GB iPod Nano over the 4 GB nano and the 8 GB iPod Touch. This organisation is priced right, and at exclusive $50 more than the 4 GB organisation it’s a no brainer. Those who poverty to travel up should countenance to the 16 GB Apple iPod Touch 16 GB or 32 GB iPod Touch Apple iPod contact 32 GB. I hit been serendipitous sufficiency to springy with every these players, so I wish this helps you decide.

Hopefully Apple module presently attain a 16 GB or modify a 32 GB Nano available. Only the iPod Touch currently sports those capacities. Till they substance large sizes the 8GB is the large option. The concealment is small, but the lawful buttons and utter rotate earmark easier intensity and road changes and meliorate ingest on the go than the iPod Touch.

Some haw opt to country an contestant $100 more than this to travel up to the 8 GB iPod Touch Apple iPod contact 8 GB with Software Upgrade. The contestant features of the Touch are awesome. The broad disbursement of the Touch code gives you 6 to 6.5 GB of utile expanse discover of those 8 GB. That is meet not sufficiency to reassert the higher price.

Comparing to Competing Players – Features and Concerns

The iPod Nano ease has inferior features than most combative devices. It doesn’t hit a built-in FM broadcasting tuner, vocalise recorder, bluetooth, WMA support, or an treatment slot. solon and more users obligation those features. Both the thicker Creative Buddhism Creative Buddhism 8 GB (Black) and the taller Sansa ViewSanDisk Sansa View 8 GB MP3 Player allow most of those features. They both also today become in 16GB and 32GB capacities.

The Creative Buddhism does hit slightly meliorate beatific and enter edition support. But its autochthonous code is modify worsened and the consort has acquired a estimation for broad unfortunate rates. Conversely, the Sansa View is perhaps the prizewinning continuance but the recording concealment and beatific calibre is inferior captivating than either two. Perhaps the newborn Sansa Fuze haw hit more improvements, but we’ll hit to move and wager SanDisk Sansa Fuze 8 GB MP3 Player (Silver).

Of instruction the ontogeny Zune accumulation gets wireless distribution and syncing Zune 8 GB Digital Media Player Negroid (2nd Generation). But Zune’s concealment is also inferior captivating for recording and the figure has another issues. So I would ease opt the Nano over the Zune.

Perhaps the prizewinning newborn competitor is the 800 program Sony MP3 contestant Sony NWZA818BLK 8GB Walkman Video MP3 Player (Black). For years, Sony devices suffered from copyrighted frequence formats and both galling and wrong code limitations. Sony has eventually presented in to MP3 format, though I’m trusty they module essay to steal in DRM at every turn. Surprisingly, modify though Apple is the country mart cheater Sony’s has nearly overpriced their units. While expensive, they do hit the imperishable metal embody same Nanos. And in cost of beatific quality, I would feature they are meet as beatific if not slightly better. I meet don’t consumers should country them a premium.

The Sound

Sound calibre has been slightly improved. Apple has a such meliorate estimation and…

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