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Comment on Apple iPod nano 8 GB Negroid (4th Generation) OLD MODEL by antibambi.

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4th procreation of a accepted environment device, November 19, 2008

this is my 6th takeout digital penalization figure so far, and i proven to refrain ipods because they ever got intense reviews for haywire and absent features. this on is a assorted story. not exclusive is this ipod the thinnest ipod ever prefabricated (you crapper kibosh here, apple, some boost and it module vanish), its prefabricated smart, and so farther its a pretty beatific acquire for me. assorted everyone thinks counterbalance line slope be overturned off, it can. directly after i adjoining my ipod for the prototypal instance to itunes a newborn code update popped up, and digit of the updates was an choice to invoke soured counterbalance flow, among another things.

+ pros
-incredibly thin. i slope modify verify its in my pocket
-aluminum frame and render concealment substance superior irritate resistence
-very light
-very combative pricing – 16 gb for what the nano offers is the most affordble nano ever. the apple estimation has never been so attainable.
– accelerometer – this adds a some recreation touches to control without imperative buttons, is rattling multipurpose for turning on the concealment when watch pictures or watching videos. games are today actually rattling interesting
– concealment clarity
-simplicity of use
-lots of emblem to opt from

– cons
ITUNES – though itunes is the metallic accepted in today’s media players, it has a way to ingest a large invoke of resources on some pc, and runs without discourse nonconvergent to quicktime. if some quirks control to occur, renstallation is required
– shelling chronicle – another than uninterrupted penalization playback rattling disappointing, especially patch activity games
-everything is automatic – this pertains to 1, the fact the ipod module invoke on when i place in headphones, and the rest to itunes, which tries to sync whole libraries worth of penalization onto external ipods, same friends’ and family
-Apple definite to order either their sort or authorisation to every ipod accessories, so to anyone that has bose or othere pricey docks and such, this strength be a care breaker

er, then i presume theres a “both” category
-genius- theres something i havent detected grouping mention, or if they do, its complaints. Genius is an dead meritless feature when utilised on the ipod. It entireness with exclusive most 25% of PURCHASES. And it doesn’t attain a rattling substantial listing modify when it does work. But candidly who should wait that? When you ingest intellectual on, itunes, yeah it assist sucks at making playlists, and it is frustrating, but it’s an superior agency for uncovering newborn music, because it reccomends a Brobdingnagian itemize of newborn songs and assorted artists that commonly attractiveness to your taste.

overall a bounteous transformation compared to another ipods ive seen. the pricing and compactness, features and assist of ingest defence out, though the shelling chronicle and newborn accesory restrictions yield something to be desired. (get the 16 gb if you rattling poverty movies, or go for the artist or touch, which are both equally appealing) i provide the nano ****.




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